After killing a sheriff in self-defense throughout a skirmish in an ‘all- white’ saloon, Chato, an embittered Apache half-breed (a largely silent however decided Charles …

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21 thoughts on “Chato's Land

  1. Interesting how when they pull the triggers on their rifles they discharge yet the hammers doesn’t fall as they ordinarily would

  2. This movie sure has a strong supporting cast. Every actor in the posse has played the lead role of a villain in other movies. They have all played strong supporting roles in other movies and some have played lead roles.

  3. Im a 74' kid…
    Grandparents mostly only watched westerns in my young days! I watch mostly westerns as they teach you about a man's character which holds true till this day! Glad to live in the West…

    💣Watch "Once Upon A time in the West" another Bronson solid Western .

  4. Man is sinful, only Jesus can change a person through the Holy Spirit. Each person must repent and turn from their sin.
    People say I am a good person but you have to repent
    and turn from your sin.

  5. This was filmed in Spain I believe. I saw Ralph Waite at Warner Brothers Studios during a visit in the mid 70's. I stood behind the camera while he did a scene for the Walton's TV show.

  6. He might be "half breed" but the fact they try to portray other characters perspective of Bronson as Indian is laughable, especially during the open scene. Other than when he wears the attire nothing about Bronson is indian.

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