Charlie Brooker's How to Report the News – Newswipe – BBC Four

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49 thoughts on “Charlie Brooker's How to Report the News – Newswipe – BBC Four

  1. Ten years on (and thirty from The Day Today) and what has the BBC learned?
    Folks, I give you our (not) much-loved public service broadcaster.

  2. Uneducated boomer comment!! States facts about the ‘modern world’. Disagreeing with a perceived opinion of a demographic 😔😔😔 Very sad.

  3. This is golden. To make it more inane, do sloppy insert edits with just the spoken words or text, of the subject, added in. After the reporter says "what comes next?" insert using a different voice off camera, "how much does it cost?" for example

  4. I reckon you could put this in the news and half the people watching wouldn’t notice it was satire. My mother wouldn’t.

  5. These days, don't forget someone throwing in the words "man-made global warming" into every damn report, just to scare you some more…

  6. Darn…was hoping it would be a public tutorial reminding journalists and the public what journalistic integrity is and how to present opposing viewpoints factually and within context that leaves the listener to ponder their own viewpoint…**super-disappointment-sigh…

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