CenterPoint discusses Texas power outages

Kenny Mercado with CenterPoint Vitality discusses energy outages throughout Texas following extreme winter climate.

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28 thoughts on “CenterPoint discusses Texas power outages

  1. Who is in charge of the Texas power grid and when they will be held accountable? What decisions led to this disaster and who made these decisions? There seems to be a lot of double-speak here and no one is taking leadership responsibility. It's 2021 and this should not be happening!

  2. Our great electric company chose to not winterize several of our natural gas plants 12 refineries one nuclear plant and all of our windmills / solar to save money this even with a weeks notice of impending disaster they still chose not to winterize their equipment. I bet there were bonuses paid for this huge incompetence. Now with many lives lost, billions in damage coming with the thaw ….and these newscasters (numb nuts) STILL refuse to tell the truth

  3. How does Texas lose power? Maybe using too much Green Energy when we have lowered our Carbon emissions lower than ever in history. We are below the Paris Climate levels that liberals always talk about. Without being part of the Paris Climate accords we hit the numbers.

    So why the crazy push to use Green Energy. When it is not as reliable as Nuclear and Fossil Fuels? Guess what. Who you vote for matters. Texas is turning Blue. Stop bowing to the liberal mob.

  4. Biden gives China access to our US power grid for 90 days in a recent executive order & his Press Secretary not only fumbles all over her response but uses her classic “I’ll circle back with you directly” response.

  5. To the weaponized weather modification conspiracy peeps don’t fear this is just the typical Texas winter pattern, come April only two days below freezing. But the real truth is there was no natural gas shortages democrat ERCOT board members ordered power plants to shut down all while shipping gas to other states that where not in power shortages, and while down critical equipment froze! And remember all that to do about switching to smart meters at the residential level, all those meters that can be controlled remotely! Yes they have the ability to roll black outs through the use of the smart meter and would have never taxed the grid! ERCOT 1,000,000% guilty of mass domestic Terrorism & murder! direct number to ERCOT call and place your complaints about rolling blackouts not rolling, 512-248-3900

  6. When temperatures drop below freezing and demand exceeds supply, we need to force outages to cut demand to match supply. When temperatures rise back into the seventies, supply and demand are back in balance and everyone can have their electricity back…. People need power when it's below freezing, they don't need power when it's seventy outside – How hard is this to understand?

  7. First things first, and the first thing we need to do is restore power to all homes — someway, somehow. This includes immediately tapping into the Eastern Interconnection and Western Interconnection grids. So forget Rick Perry and his go it alone advice. He is still warm and comfortable. And forget the climate deniers who say that the unexpected cold is proof there is no climate change. The opposite is true. The global change is what brought the cold to Texas and elsewhere.
    And because things will only get worse, it is prudent that we prepare for the worse. Figuring out how to do this without further aggravating the fragile climate is our challenge — and everywhere on this globe. We are all in this together so we have to deal with it together.

  8. I understand that infrastructure and homes in Texas may not be suited for lower temperatures and ice loads, but please explain to me how people are dying. It’s barely been below freezing there.

  9. With all the technology that people have this should not be. Money is more important to those that have the technology to create a better way of life, but like I say money is more important. Money is a root of evil. I know who cares.

  10. Vote blue 🇺🇲💙. It's Very simple. Iowa upgraded their equipment, TEXAS DID NOT. Thanks to GOP and Republican Governor

  11. I think this bitter cold winter is evidence that global warming is a sham! Tap that oil you damn Flake. You’re killing people

  12. Wait a minute, I just heard someone say they can roll customers off power. And switch other people back on. Why in the double F bomb are these empty commercial buildings lit up with families dying of cold? There are so many problems with this situation I can’t stand it. Looks like rich privileged to me

  13. So first off, y'all down do this when it's hot in the summer when we use our ac's; how y'all gonna control what we pay for? Then they're people on life support and oxygen and y'all cutting off the power; Have fun with your lawsuits

  14. Do we still have to pay a delivery charge on something that centerpoint couldn't deliver because they had nothing to deliver? When Walmart doesn't deliver my package that don't still charge me for my delivery fee.

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