CDC Director: “I Cannot Tell You How Much Vaccine We Have” | NBC Nightly News

The brand new director of the CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, admitted that she doesn’t understand how a lot vaccine provide the U.S. has, leaving governors pissed off.

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22 thoughts on “CDC Director: “I Cannot Tell You How Much Vaccine We Have” | NBC Nightly News

  1. People need to do their own research on diseases and where it comes from. Its all a plandimic with disinformation. I’m really sorry to tell you It’s too late for a vaccine, it’s sad but the old are gonna die anyway within a year or two even with a vaccine and the young that keep getting put off will have future problems and will be gone with Dr Fauci’s new mutations of viruses. If I remember right a year ago they said everything was ok and less than 15 people would die. Now they say 500,000 a year later. The real numbers are at least 4x higher but they can’t say it’s corona because the test come back negative. Instead of opening everything up and giving away Trillions to other countries we need to lock down and pay the American People that pay government wages. AMERICA NEEDS TO COME FIRST. We We pay over a Trillion dollars a year in Taxes and the government allows the deep state and the presidents put our tax money wherever they want, usually benefits only them. We could be a great country and everyone could have more wealth but they regulate everything so they profit even more. They cut out the good regulation that protects us Americans. We could have gave the American people 10 or 20K a piece and shut the country down for a month or two and we wouldn’t be in this mess. Instead we give away all our money, all of our medical supplies and medicine then we foot the bill. The government said there would be herd immunity but every month since their mortality rate isn’t what they expected they put out another mutation. The government will get what our families have worked hard for their whole life and we inherit health problems with no medical. They want us to be slaves with nothing and be happy about it. They have also said they want to get rid of everyone over 40 because they have already spent our social security. The people with life insurance will also be the first to go because insurance companies have a 78% death rate right now and they are pushing to get it higher. Even people without life insurance with a good job probably have a secret life insurance policy the company has on them. All I can say is do your own research and don’t listen to most of what u see on the news, it’s misleading to get everyone to look the other way so they can stab u in the back and take whatever u have left.

  2. I see a lot of miss information and beliefs that are just not accurate don't be in a hurry to take a possibly lethal injection remember it takes testing ,trials years not months or weeks? Just say no to drug's! Would you trust these pushers common sense isn't so common!

  3. BS you've got paperwork and inventory everything came to you by truck ship or plane you've got your bills there you know exactly how many you have. Just like the election!! If you don't that makes you look really really bad your first week out. I sure would not go on TV in front of all my bosses and tell them I don't know the one question everybody's asking. wow you think you're fooling us but in fact y'all are just looking like mean and old Rich folks!

  4. I really miss that lying blond, what was her name –Mac something -my memory seems
    to be as short as ex president Bone Spurs. The fog is settling quickly down over our
    past useless leaders –just like those childish nightmares that our parents protected us
    from , —but that one lasted 4 yrs. Now we have a man who will take responsibility.

  5. Just to be clear. I don't know NOTHING. So, I turn to the news only to find out that THEY don't know NOTHING. Well, you know you're in a bad spot, when the smartest person in the room got NOTHING.

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  7. Just how much monies are most likely "MISSING" during the TRUMP administration that supposedly "PAID" for all these doses and " lost wages supplemental payments"…follow the monies, find what happened, someone(s) more than likely profited from this…it wasn't just Banyon who saw $$$$$…4 years of corruption = $$$TRILLIONS

  8. The plastic lilac preferentially kiss because gore-tex finallly choke concerning a questionable deficit. icky, windy base


  10. The vaccine doesnt even help the test don’t even work properly with there false results smfh this is a joke .

  11. So nobody even knows how many vaccines we have?! Here's an idea..go to where these vaccines are stored (shouldn't be too hard to locate all those freezers?) and, I don't know…MAYBE COUNT THEM? FFS…

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