CBS News' John Dickerson reflects on U.S. Capitol riots

Disruptions by violent protesters Wednesday on the U.S. Capitol delayed the ultimate rely of Electoral School votes for hours, however the joint session of Congress …

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23 thoughts on “CBS News' John Dickerson reflects on U.S. Capitol riots

  1. Both Sergeant of Arms were warned by the capitol police chief that the crowd was getting to big for the security in place. I want these guys to testify under oath. Were they told by their leadership, Pelosi and McConnell, to not increase security?

  2. I formally withdraw from the next county dog catcher election . A fair and open election process is impossible in the USA! 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  3. The GOP has to decide what kind of party they're going to be. Get a spine and purge these maniacs from the party. Impeach. And censure Cruz, Hawley, etc.

  4. Graham and Cruz and Hawley and McConnell and McCarthy and Johnson and Gaetz and many others. They all need to be arrested and charged with sedition.

  5. Send all those pos's to federal prison for life. Goes to show you how many people think they are privileged and never got disciplined as a child. Damn terrorists.

  6. These are CBS employees their look at him recognize them that's them CBS is fake news CBS is treasonous these people here work for CBS look at him recognize then I knew you would I did too

  7. 'Yesterday's Tumultuos Day',LOL, we've had 4 years of once coup attempt after another, 7 months of riots, yet not once did the media call it 'tumultuous'.

  8. Corrupt demns and repubs ARE SHITTING their pants. Run away in fear theyare. They better strike a deal with Trump before it is too late. Otherwise, it is gitmo, gallows, or the guillotine.

  9. Now I'm more mad than I was. When we get called a monkey or an ape, usually it's those who live in impoverished neighborhoods. These m-thaf-ckas were CEO's, Doctor's, Lawyers, Teachers, Veteran's…….some of them flew in on jets! Maybe that's why they left peacefully with escort, because someone was already covering them. Trump didn't move alone on this. He's not that capable.


  11. so now, they decided to follow their "good" conscience. better late than never i guess. but it doesn't alleviate their culpability in the months prior to and leading up to this sedition. THEY ALL MUST BE PUNISHED. or americans WILL NEVER AGAIN have faith in their justice system!

  12. Am I the only person who watched the carnage at the Capitol and wondered aloud if the casts of Hee-Haw, Beverly Hillbillies, Dukes of Hazzard, and Duck Dynasty were all filming new episodes on the same day….? You're the ones who are going to defeat the Deep State..? Really? Don't forget your jumper cables.

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