CBS News exclusive: Audio captured of threat to fly plane into U.S. Capitol

CBS Information has discovered of a menace to assault the U.S. Capitol on the identical day Congress is ready to rely Electoral School votes. The menace cited Iranian Basic …

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37 thoughts on “CBS News exclusive: Audio captured of threat to fly plane into U.S. Capitol

  1. Trump's Terrorists are planning more violence. They are threatening the media. I hope the FBI is monitoring these Radical Right Wing terrorists.

  2. I suspect this was right wingers! They may have used it to keep the numbers low in the capitol building for their attempted coup.

  3. I know another monster that needs attention.
    Hope he is forced to go to all them court cases he has piled up… pro Bono attorneys are grabbing every little trump theft of services civil cases to get there names out there for defeating the countries biggest orange monster.
    I hope there kids get the treatment as well..
    Anyone heard from orange monster JR, since daddy imploded.?

  4. Now this! Thank God that this didn't happen! Our very national security was threatened last Wednesday! Glad that the FBI isn't commenting. The public does not need to hear about operations to keep us safe and to control sedition! God have mercy on Anerica as she became unglued!

  5. Foreign policy going south already…. It just blows my mind that when Trump was in office, the whole world was quiet.

  6. Post 9-11 defense systems were put in place. I can assure you they will shoot you down before entering the airspace. They got us once they will not get us again

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