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13 thoughts on “Catalina Island Yellowtail Fishing

  1. Is it mandatory to wear a fishing product shirt or hat when your fishing? Or are you aloud to wear something without a boat or fish on it? Fishing dresscode?

  2. One time South out of San Diego. Things had slowed down. In the afternoon and I couldn't seem to get hooked up. I knew we were gonna head back to the dock I wasn't willing to rack my rod yet.ok so maybe I was sniveling a little bit and this buddy of mine says why don't you try yo-yoing. What's the trick. He says just let it drop all the way to the bottom and crank it up as fast as you can about halfway thought the third trip up my rod went bendo and I was into a really nice yellowtail 10-15 pounds…whatever…it's been a long time ago I never ever thought that the yo-yo method wwould be the trick to get me one more fish in My sack. I had never tried it. It worked for me that day one more trick to Stow in the Arsenal. When the regular stuff is no longer working try something different for a change you never know.

  3. There's no way that's Catalina. Where are all the f×%ing seals? Last time i was out there we couldn't get a fish on deck, or a seal for that matter.

  4. What was the line set up that you guys were using if you don't mind me asking. I want to learn all about bottom shot and top shot?

  5. Shit Rock has great calico and yellowtail sometimes. Fun watching these vids because the spots are so easily recognizable from fishing here. Good catches.

  6. your using Squid, are you using the whole squid or are you cutting it up into pieces ?? I tend to use up all the squid that die in the bait tank before i use the live ones because i eat the remaining squid at the end of the trip. Also i cut the squid into 3-4 pieces. thanks.

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