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26 thoughts on “Captain on Deck Star Trek: Discovery 3×13

  1. They should have added a small plotline of the 31st century starfleet getting nostalgic about their uniforms and having them readopt them so we wouldn't lose those badass blue suits. The Grey is horrible but it doesn't say star fleet to me; more military and less humanitarian in nature

  2. I just really can't get into discovery. I has some amazing 10/10 episodes but the overachieving storylines while interesting are never really resolved in a satisfying way.

    Saru is my favourite character and I think episodes focusing on him tend to be the best. Honestly Im really sad he's not captain and has kinda been shafted after he led the discovery into the future and kept everyone together in that time. I was thinking him gaining the confidence to really step up and feel comfortable in the big chair would of been an awesome arc. After saru though Hugh and Stamets are my next favourite characters. Really love those guys.

    Burnham I just don't get… Her character arch seems to be she's good at everything, rebels at every opportunity and always gets what she wants. I'm just not connected with her in anyway like I am with some of the other characters.

    On other characters I kinda wish the other crew members would be fleshed out s bit more.

    I really enjoyed this season up untill the finale. I would of given it an 8/10 but the finale brings it down to 6/10.

  3. This episode was alright. I like the fact that they brought back Grey too.
    The uniforms, not a fan.
    Did Tilly get promoted to JG or is she still an Ensign? And is she still 1st officer?
    Not thrilled they wrote Saru out.
    And what was the designation of the repair drone? Would have been a great nod if they called it Beta, cause Data would have been just wrong. Seems the computer upgrade they got from the sphere gave them a boost and a half.

  4. It took her a long time but she did it. Now go for it girl. Make your name noun alongside the big names of Kirk, Archer, Sisko, Janeway and Picard.

  5. As is tradition, the black lead character goes from commander to captain in the final episode of series 3.

    Nice Nod to ds9;)

  6. Saying it now, that's one of the coolest jumps to warp in all of trek.
    The rubber band is back, baby!

    Fan cgi artists… your thing on this clip please! 😉

  7. Love the ending and the catchphrase! yes..!

    On the uniform matters… love how the ranks and sections are put, very clear and small touches… in whole, I can see a burocratic less happy uniform… 🙁

  8. Dont like the 2 last Episodes but the final with Mickael Captain of Discovery love that! But i dont know why Stamets can turn evil.

  9. Every time I watch this scene, I cry… not because I am only happy for the character but I am also happy for the visibility of an entire community. I am happy that we have now the first, black female captain of a Star Ship. Though fictional, it shows that young black women can aspire to be great, no matter the world, or, space quadrant.
    Wow!!! I am so happy

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