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44 thoughts on “Capitalism = Bad in Star Trek Discovery

  1. Messaging has always been a part of science fiction, or at least since the 1950s on. The good news is now it's so badly done now by such incompetent hacks that It should be painfully obvious to anyone the propaganda that they are pushing.

  2. “Yep, I've been a fan of Star Trek for years. This take of Star Trek was done on a very creative level. The writing to me was ingenious. Sorry if you disagree…but I love the show and subscribed to CBS streaming because of the show and I most likely will cancel CBS if the show Tho I enjoy watching Picard … so Picard might keep me on board…humm I would have to think about it…hard. But, to me Discovery is better that Picard…and I'm a big fan of Picard.”-A comment taken from a CBS ad on on Facebook. Take a moment to drink that in…

  3. Capitalism = Bad in all Star Trek. In every show that talk about the elimination of the need to produce values, have currency, etc. even if they don't explain what sort of system exists in the Federation.

  4. I am now extremely thankful that I chose not to watch Discovery S3.

    I watched the first two seasons of Discovery and managed to mildly enjoy them. Then I watched Picard though and it broke me. Picard made me completely swear off watching any new Star Trek shows for the foreseeable future.

  5. Misrepresented, the problem wasn't with capitalism, it was exploitation, and slavery. They were ready to come to an agreement. The sticking point was accountability by way of a trial for crimes against humanity.

  6. As much as I want to enjoy the usage of Tim Curry, I can't get over that terrible terrible makeup on Janet Kidder. Why did they turn her into the Wicked Witch of the West? Why does it look so bad?

  7. Star Trek was always anti-capitalist. I mean DS9 even quoted the Communist Manifesto in an episode that was pro labour union and Picard practically quoted Karl Marx in his spiel against money.

  8. Capitalist Boomers in the chat are OFFENDED that their line god of garbage wealth takes is being questioned by the people who grew in the wake of capitalists

  9. Despite being an awful show, this point actually makes some sense. If dilithium and warp transport was essential to maintaining the Federation's post-capitalist economy, a sudden break down of the technology and communications needed to sustain it would result in older, less sophisticated forms of economic organization emerging to fill the void. It's not too different from expecting tribal and feudal-like relationships emerging in post-apocalyptic movies (think Mad Max). And to be fair to STD, it never explicitly stated that capitalism is bad. Nothing indicates the Federation was beyond capitalism in Discovery in the 22nd century based on the way the characters interact and their attitudes – they feel like early-21st century adolescents obsessed with morality and being preachy.

    That being said, the writing is terrible and nothing is thought out. In the 32nd century they have the ability to manipulate matter and replicators yet planets still can't simply replicate or fabricate at least basics like food, shelter, etc. by themselves?

  10. do you guys really defend capitalism Stark Trek…
    I am not defending the bad wirting style of Discovery but guys. Capitalsm is abolished in the Federation for a good reason.

  11. In the words of ERB

    as a communist it must really hurt that your face has been cheap weaken and besmirched plastid on posters coasters and shirts making capitalist Rich off you on merch

  12. CBS: "Hey, watch it. There's nothing wrong with our philosophy. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity."
    Me: "What does that mean, exactly?"
    CBS: "It means…. It means we don't need money."
    Me: "Well, if you don't need money, then you certainly don't need mine."

  13. I never bothered with DIS… What's the problem here?
    Weren't Ferengi also extremely capitalist in old Trek but still accepted and traded with but on government scale rather than individual?

    I've seen a large split in the comment where some claim that "capitalism was always bad in Trek" where it's more complicated, and this video lacks this explenation.

  14. A bit disappoint with this video Major Grin. I was hoping you'd show all the clips from TNG, DS9, and First Contact that shows the Federation is a post-capitalist society.

  15. Even though I am a pro-capitalist kind of guy, I love the classic Trek. While it was anti-capitalist, it challenged me in an intelligent way and made good points. But it always respected me. Nu-trek is just patronising, simplistic, and really dumb.

  16. Kind of funny how offended/upset people are by this even though from the very beginning through the story star trek shit on capitalism/greed/poverty/etc on earth lmao.

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