Canadian government to extend COVID-19 emergency benefits, Trudeau announces | FULL

The Canadian authorities is extending a lot of its emergency COVID-19 advantages because the pandemic rages on, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced Friday.

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33 thoughts on “Canadian government to extend COVID-19 emergency benefits, Trudeau announces | FULL

  1. So I have tried my best to work during the pandemic, and I, do not qualify for this, as well as only a fraction of the benefit because my family income is higher than the threshold. If the government truly wants to help, do not differentiate on the past year's income, it's just ridiculous.

  2. Let us be clear trudeau an all his member of cabinet we must show them the door . An start a serious investigation on them all.

  3. don't complain to much, they well put you in jail. don't forget we do not have freedom of speech. mild ignore able complaints only….

  4. How can you even call it a vaccine when variants are appearing as the vaccine is rolling out? I won't be taking it I can promise you that!

  5. tredeau is dangling the money again then he will pull the rug from underneath us remember this then the next election rolls around i would say send him back to be a drama teacher again but i would NOT want his man teaching or around my child

  6. not to mention our education system, health care system is in the toilet, with no focus on science, engineering, technology to compete and just focus on wokeness Canada will soon become a 3rd world country, without focusing on hard sciences and tech there is no way Canada can compete, our kids will be bunch of dummies and the smart ones will leave for the USA, We'll soon be a S- hole country!

  7. Lol 94 billion dollars but the cra and the government of Canada 🇨🇦 🤣 i can't even get any funding from them as I was chosen for a review to prove my identity you tell me how many people are in my shoes

  8. Time to buy precious metals, gold, silver and platinum. These COVID-19 emergency benefits will be digitally injected into the system, they don't even need to print it anymore. It will be given to you and stored in banks. This will benefit banks, free money for them to use. Banks will dilute the Canadian dollar further by lending it out as loans and/or gamble with it in the stock market. Look up fractional reserve banking. Buy precious metals, crypto or something with value. Storing your saving in fiat currency is a scam.

  9. The most ignorant, most gullible and certainly the most unqualified Prime Minister in Canada's history. Had his name been Smith, Johnson or MacKay no one would have known him. Not even qualified to be Principal at some extreme Northern Inuit Elementary school.
    Such a shame Stephen Harpoon wasn't a patriotic Conservative Canadian who could have made Canada CANADIAN AGAIN!!!
    This guy is an utter embarrassment.

  10. It’s time to replace these people with honest hard working citizens who know what it’s like to struggle. So sick of this sh&#.

  11. Bro I GET so annoyed when they translate and speak over the french some ppl actually wanna listen to in frecnh plus he translates it later anyways

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