This is the highest 5 BEST LOADOUTS to make use of on REBIRTH ISLAND in Name of Responsibility WARZONE! ○ Subscribe and be a part of the Immortals as we speak!

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48 thoughts on “Call Of Duty WARZONE: TOP 5 BEST LOADOUTS For REBIRTH ISLAND! (WARZONE Best Setups)

  1. Not sure how I'm feeling about the new Mini royale on Rebirth, but if you're looking to fry on the island, these are the setups to run! Thanks for tuning in!

  2. Im just curious does the ffar have another option in modern warfare to equip salvo 50 rnd fast mags? The largest ammo capacity i can see is a salvo 44 rnd fast mag

  3. I am loving rebirth, it's really helping me get better at the game. I wish this map will be permanent, so I can play it whenever I want. I just hope they remove gulag. Also I have to say Rebirth gulag is so much better than the Verdansk gulag.

  4. Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully 2021 will bring joy this time! P.S That damn DMR is cancer, can’t wait to acquire it though…

  5. Immortal these setups are great! I used to always run your MP7/Kar98k load out. But now I am using your DMR 14 and MAC 10!

  6. You should try the FFAR with the diamatis. Fastest TTK for each categorie. It also allows u to get ghost right of the bath and having both your medium and in your face range covered.

  7. Hey dude I would change your kar 98 a little first of all i would change the stippy gripy with the ads helping stock (Its the last stock on the kar98) because it helps much more (around 3 frames on 60 fps )while the grip is only 1 frame on 60 fps yeah and second I would also go with the normal sniper scope for faster ADS since the difference between the variable one 3.5×-8× is only 1× different because the normal zooms in 7× times So in conclsusion the grip you gotta change just for the fact being much helping with than the grip but scope is just preference

  8. I’m still hoping and praying for the Cold War guns to be added to modern warfare because they’re functional in the modern warfare engine. Please whoever would make that decision, PLEASE!

  9. It's been a while since I've seen your content. Cod for me got stale so I took a break. I'm only back for the vids tho. This content is just amazing.

  10. Been playing this game for 3 days now. (Got it 3 days ago) LOVING the tactical rifles in M16 and AUG are very nice in MP when i can get that 1 burst kill

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