California Rep. Garamendi: 'I Would Support An Impeachment Resolution' | NBC News NOW

Rep. John Garamendi, D-Calif., reverses on impeachment, telling NBC Information’ Joe Fryer he would now help a decision following Wednesday’s riots.

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42 thoughts on “California Rep. Garamendi: 'I Would Support An Impeachment Resolution' | NBC News NOW

  1. Hi,
    Faced with the dramatic and shameful events on Capitol , America must immediately end the function of D. Trump, who is entirely responsible for it.
    Please stop this dangerous man ASAP !
    In a democracy, you have to accept the results of the elections.
    Let us be reasonable, intelligent and courageous in certifying this verdict of the people, even if this verdict obtained only a simple vote to make the majority.
    This is the rule of universal suffrage.
    Another rule: all the culprits – Trump or whoever – are obliged to answer to the Justice .
    Let's try to build a "Better World " by reading our eBook in KDP, Amazon. Hugs

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  3. Pacific Ocean 2022 problem still exists. Media Main Stream Fukshima 2021 reporting? Joe Biden what is he going to do about Fukshima 🥀🐜

  4. Garamendi and others so stupid that really believe this trash or they think we people are so gullible that we would believe for a second this theatre?? Haven ´ t you seen those rioters with horns on their heads, clothed in fur, and think these are really Trump supporters? Never heard about “smoke in the mirror” tactics, how bandits killed white settlers in coverage of Indians, so that they had the reason to extinguish Indians? This is as old as the beginning of the WW 3, with nazis destroying their own radiostation to be able to invade Poland! Folks, we are not fools.

  5. If Trump's impeachment is not feasible, then Congress should approve an extraordinary meeting to advance the day of the new presidential inauguration. During the depression of the 1930s Congress changed the Constitution to advance the inaugural date as an extraordinary measure. I think that would be the fastest way to prevent Trump from continuing to serve as president and from inciting worse situations than what happened.

    Si un juicio político a trump, o impeachment no es viable, entonces el congreso debería de aprobar a una reunión extraordinaria para adelantar el día de la toma de posesión del nuevo presidente. Durante la depresión de la década de 1930 El congreso cambió la Constitución para adelantar la fecha inaugural como una medida extraordinaria. Creo que esa seria la forma mas rapida de impedir que Trump continúe ejerciendo como presidente y que pueda incitar a situaciones peores a lo ocurrido.

  6. Good for you but personally your all such deep state corporatists that almost none of you should be in power

    Your all liars and none of you can be trusted

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  8. EXPEL the lawmakers who abetted/condoned tRump's efforts of overturning democratic elections & CHARGE them with sedition/insurrection together with those police/security people who assisted the rioters/terrorists in DESECRATING the Capitol-even taking selfies with them!!!!!

  9. Antifa and blm infiltrated 100% but remember you have to let a crime happen to jail people so watch this space 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Is there really nothing else for this guy to do with his time? Another overpaid politician trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. Let’s spend more money and time that results in nothing.

  11. Is this the reality of political talking heads in the USA? How can you have riots all across America and looting burning killing, killing police, but it is OK even if it was a 3 day and night spree? But if you have the nerve to force your way into the capital building, without burning car's or looting or arson then you will be arrested for? ?sedition /treason! !WTF yet if you are white and black middle class you are fu##d

  12. By the camera footage of people there. The police were running away or just standing by not really doing anything. The thing is there will not be a mass incarceration of these White supremacists/terrorists who stormed the Capitol.

  13. It’s not even news to say anyone from Cali is supporting this. OF COURSE they have hated home for years. This is the only way to stick it to trump supporters. Make all trump supporters rioters and terrorists… this is not news but propoganda

  14. I recall on July 25th havoc by the left…burning buildings, lootings, and violence. Both sides are unreasonable and behaving badly. Violence begets violence. Media, big tech and corrupt leaders are to blame for the mess and division in this country. His opinion should not matter because California is a disaster. The state with highest welfare rate, homelessness and drug overdoses. You all need to be impeached. You have failed the American citizens.

  15. "Let lock our president in a room for the next 2 weeks."
    You may or may not see any more problem this way, but you know that's not the proper solution.
    Our solutions and responses to every issues will guide the future generation.
    Do it the proper way.

  16. Yes he needs to be in jail no doubt about it impeach him he's got videos on YouTube I'll come crossed up and go before yesterday when I started listening to him somebody else is recording but he's got a couple on there with his voice on them he's got a lot of stuff that like China economics now in the process of being destroyed taking back the country was never going to be easy I mean these are the things I'm the shocked Trump we the people are the storm Patriots knew the playbook sky fortress engaged he's even talked about a central bank bank of China's we're talking about banks that connect up with each other three different countries and us is one of them he's wanting to jump you know I'm just saying you know this man needs to go I mean he needs to he needs to be no phone no nothing put him some cotton pants on shoes give him a t-shirt lock him up don't give him nothing else

  17. For the safety of our country.Get Trump Out! Please make us feel safer..2 weeks can still be a threat..Put in Pence! Please for the love of Americans lives…Remove him…when you need to be medicated to endure him because your scared out of your wits..get him out!

  18. Just wait until he’s is a public citizen free to sell what ever secrets to Russia, and don’t forget about his family members. Putting him in jail won’t stop it either.

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