Caicedo Deal Completed This Week! Man Utd Transfer News

Man Utd will full the switch of Moises Caicedo this week in the event that they determine they need him in response to experiences plus the newest on Max Aarons to United. Get the …

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28 thoughts on “Caicedo Deal Completed This Week! Man Utd Transfer News

  1. I need to see Bailey and Rojo one more time. That shithousery combination used to make me anxiously waiting to see it again during the first season under Mourinho

  2. I'm glad City won… hopefully the injury hit scousers can collapse at some point with us (cough cough)and City putting pressure on them. Of course a dream for us to win the Prem. Hate them both (football terms) ..but not scousers win it again…Never.

  3. Man United also have Pareira on loan at Inter Milan for the right back. And he doing well there.Are our own academy players "not good enough" that we need to buy similar aged players from other tclubs? Or is it because they are playing regular first team football and get noticed? How many percent of ex academy players actually make it to the first team? Now even Fonsu Mensah is not signing a new contract and we are thinking of buying a CB.Might as well close the academy.

  4. If the EPL was so good why hasn’t they won the UCL the past 10 years
    Also their was no EPL in semis
    Plus Serie has the best Defenders in the world

  5. United's strategy will be to pass up on Caicedo, let Leipzig or some other team buy him for nothing…..then buy him for 80mil from that team.

  6. Just read this January the priority is to rid dead wood, Romero, Rojo, Jones, Lingard, James, and Williams are all for sale. No ones buying any of them with our wage structure. Would be great to see the ones that aren’t at the United level to move on.

  7. If we don't get a CB it won't be b/c Ole doesn't want one. He's wanted a lot of players but don't expect him to ever came out and say it. He has to build up the confidence of the players he has (while working behind the scenes to get us the improvements we need). I am so surprised how well we are doing after our poor window compared to rivals.

  8. Firstly no defender at United playing next to Lindelholf has looked good. That was probably the conetention between Smalling and ole. Bailly and Tunzebe are better central defenders. Ole has a habit of keeping good players on the bench until injuries force his hand, that is why we have not seen VDB next to Fred. Yes Fred, Matic is too slow. Mc Tomminay is not a good enough defender, but we are getting closer to what we need. I am loving the progress at least we are headed in the right direction. Wasted too much time the board did with defensive trophy winning managers. We need someone like Ole who can bring us trophies, Come one ole get to it I am willing to wait.

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