BUT WHAT ABOUT THE BURN?!? Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 12 "There is a Tide…” Review

We discover out in regards to the Burn final episode and on this episode they do not discuss it in any respect, okay. Come speak to me on my discord! ▻ …

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11 thoughts on “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE BURN?!? Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 12 "There is a Tide…” Review

  1. Don't agree about Booker – I think he brings a good character. Hated going back to the mirror universe for two episodes. Hated that Culver said he was going to stay behind and go through losing him all over again. All building for that final episode of course, which is going to have to get through so much stuff.

  2. I predicted at the final episode there will be a battle at the Federation Headquarters, at the near defeat of the Starfleet ships, the Ni'Var and maybe just maybe Earth Fleets arrived to aid both the Federation and Starfleet. Then Discovery will go back to the Nebula to rescue Saru and others.

  3. Mutated child gains powers through radiation that emits some sort of SubSpace wave that resonates with Dilithium, all because he's crash landed on a Dilithium planet and somehow his cells adapt in the most random way to have synergy with Dilithium such that his cry's can resonate with Dilithium and turn Dilithium Crystals inert?

  4. The Burn was another JJ Abrams Mystery Box. The only value to it is the suspense. They don't actually put much energy into creating a satisfying answer to the mystery.

  5. The burn is not sorted out yet….. I feel season 5 will also be a long drag about it…… I'm still going to hope for a big payout but as far as the season overall is concerned definitely a good episode….. I enjoyed the subterfuge and the fighting let's hope for a big bang next week

  6. The Burn plot has not completely played out yet, but the story could NOT play out until the Discovery is recovered. It is the more immediate problem. We are allowed to feel the urgency of Saru, Culber and Adira's situation without having to switch over to what would be a much more cerebral plotline. The reason for the burn, I believe, will have scientific as well as philosophical roots and would not have done well juxtaposed with this action – politics – black ops storyline. I think this episode was very, VERY Star Trek! It's the kind of episode all of us older trekkies would have spent hours discussing over coffee – tying into philosophy and current politics. (And Book, btw, is precisely the kind of do-gooder that fits into Starfleet 😉 This has been an amazing season so far and I cannot wait to see how things all wrap up. RIP Ryn.

  7. THIS IS START TREK AGAIN !!!! you have an ethical dilemma & your torn between both sides OMG STAR TREK is back thank you Johnathan !!! THANK YOU

  8. Gannon – seriously?
    The Burn plot has not been played fully out yet so it’s pretty silly for you to say they already failed with that plot – also…
    Michelle Paradise knows exactly what she is doing and she’s not on YOUR timeline
    Season 3 in my opinion has been excellent!
    The writing this season has been excellent – despite what ‘Ketwolski’ thinks – it’s just his fucking opinion – who cares what HE thinks?
    I’m subscribed to him as well and have watched all his reviews – his ‘rant’ last episode was ‘odd’ as he’s overwhelmingly given Season 3 positive episode reviews – so maybe he just woke up on the wrong side of his bed that morning??
    Sometimes you seem too easily swayed by others…
    I want to know what YOU think about the episode and the season – not Ketwolski
    As for The Mandalorian – yea, it’s awesome!
    But it’s completely different from Discovery
    The Mandalorian is comfort food – it’s fan service and action oriented – it’s the first live action Star Wars television show – it’s not really trying to do anything ‘different’
    Discovery is taking ‘risks’ – Star Trek has been on television forever – Discovery is giving us something different
    Take care man – stay safe and have a great New Years Eve!!

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