Burnett: This is the kind of thinking the GOP is embracing

CNN’s Erin Burnett wonders how Home Republicans might stay silent over Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) previous feedback supporting the execution of …

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36 thoughts on “Burnett: This is the kind of thinking the GOP is embracing

  1. When are you guys going to stop your lying? ?? You margorie taylor green!! Donald Trump macarty margorire they've all the same. Get them out from the Capitol they want banana republic .America Wake Up.!!!

  2. You are talking about people who supported a delusional psychopath who INCITED a “deadly” riotous attack, against the White House and OUR Democratic process. DO NOT EXPECT ANY OF THEM TO STAND UP FOR OUR DEMOCRACY!!

  3. And the left embraces Antifa and has turned a blind's eye to Portland and Seattle. Did the dems/left care when Maxine Water's told her constituents to get in the face of Trump staff/republican's, did they come out against Madonna when she said she wished the White House would be blown up, when Alec Baldwin said he wishes he could hang Trump, when Steve Colbart called Melania filthy names, etc. NO, so put a sock in it you hypocrites. n

  4. Marjorie Taylor Greene should be removed from Congress and any part of the education process and never allowed to serve again. She is a abomination to democracy and criminally prosecuted.

  5. The leadership appoint lunatic Green to their “EDUCATION COMMITTEE” EDUCATION???? This is how these Republicans want us to educate our children ! I hope we may have some
    conscious, educated and patriotic Republicans to oppose these distorted views and maybe, just maybe, decide to brake ties with such vile views.

  6. This woman needs to be out from the office… I really wonder how her constituents think about this craziness. Is Greene a representation of her constituents? GA

  7. sociopath, non violent psychopath using office to manipulate influence and enable others to do dirty work and further perpetuate anti social behavior.

  8. Speaking of lunatics listen and read the lyrics to red riders Lunatic Fringe. Says it all. I think it should be the democratic anthem right now

  9. The families of the dead should bring a Multi-Million Dollar lawsuit against defamed Marjorie Taylor Greene and tell her prove it was a lie! Unless she is convicted in the court of law and all the death certificates are shown to people, this fire will never die. They should also bring lawsuits against her for the lies about the election, etc. Get her as much as you can and show on every national news and media that she is a Russian Oligarch agent, who is trying to divide America. Where are the great lawyers???

  10. Once again it shows that she is totally out of.her brain along with her off the friends ex president Trump to people who should be in the same cell together put a dirty rag in there mouth

  11. Here’s a trick for anyone who knows a Trump’s Big Lie believer, just break into their home, steal their TV, and tell them they stole it from you first so you’re just overturning the theft. Watch out for the hypocritical left hook however.

  12. If the Republicans don't get away from Trump they going to fall with the great clash because they are taking evil understanding delight in them wickedness that the lightning violence hate forsaken morals principles values truth honesty and adopting corruption.

  13. If she were Black doing this she'd be dead … imagine if AOC or Ilhan Omar did some stunt like this … This moron did all these things BEFORE she was elected … IDIOCRACY !!!

  14. A few years ago Steve King was stripped of his committee assignments because he couldn't/wouldn't stop saying stupid and offensive things. Now you get rewarded?

  15. Let us sane, loving, caring Americans, stick together, remember we have more in common than difference, and continue to VOTE to stop these lunatics from holding elected office. Oh, one more thing, let's keep kindness and truth at the forefront.

  16. Please drown out the craziness with the real policies and newsworthy stuff. Why are you keep giving the bat shit crazies the platform over the real news? Be part of the solution.

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