Bugsnax PS5 Livestream: Ellen Plays Bugsnax – Exploring Snaktooth Island

PS5 gameplay: we’re again in Bugsnax making an attempt to catch some new bugs and discover a newly unlocked space of Snaktooth Island Bugsnax is out on PS5, PS4 …

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19 thoughts on “Bugsnax PS5 Livestream: Ellen Plays Bugsnax – Exploring Snaktooth Island

  1. Jucarave in the chat had it right. If you can break the boss fight without understanding where you were going wrong it's just bad game design. I imagine that the ones being rude have watched/read walkthroughs. Which of course makes the answer obvious if you already know it. I imagine that most of us were frustrated not at you but for you.

  2. While watching this stream, my mind began playing the chorus of the song "Love Shack" except the lyrics replaced with "Bug Snax." Nonstop.


  3. So happy to see ellen back at the snax! Been waiting for weeks, but still didn't manage to catch it live. Oh, well. Strawby!

  4. I think this was the first Bugsnax stream I wasn't able to see live. Hope I can make the next one! Cheers!

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