BTAC Level Bourbon You Can STILL FIND! – Bardstown Bourbon Company Discovery Series

Bardstown Bourbon Firm Discovery Sequence four goes face to face with the wonderful Discovery Sequence three in a heated Bourbon Skirmish! These are two of the …

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23 thoughts on “BTAC Level Bourbon You Can STILL FIND! – Bardstown Bourbon Company Discovery Series

  1. I am so glad number 4 was what you said it was because I love those notes and I have it on hold for me when my shop gets it. Super exited to give it a try.

  2. As you know, I was so stoked to get the Disco 4 here in NC locally and it’s is unbelievable for sure!! Never had the 3 so I can’t compare but will take your word on it!! Still on the shelf and may just have to grab a third bottle!! Thanks for this heads up match. Still hope to try Disco 3 one day!!

  3. Those Discovery series are rollercoasters! I put up 3 against Stagg Jr and was convinced that Stagg was the winner, but nope, 3 won. I do think 2 is better than 3. Haven't found 4 yet.

  4. I'm tearing at my desk right now. B/w the 70s porn type music, the delivery and the description starting at 7:46 I'm just dying. When I'm at the healthy smoothie place and they have Acai bowls I will picture this review. Thanks man. Unfortunately just like BTAC all these Bardstown Discovery Series Bourbons can't be found.

  5. Acai what you did there
    Açaí your drawers, please check your zipper
    Açaí your two pair and raise with three of a kind
    Acai dead people

  6. Funny you should mention it, I was on Acai Avenue but took a left on Pomegranate…I was so close, lol. Great video as usual and it appears you cannot go wrong with either bottle, but I am on the hunt for a series 4 now.

  7. Great review but now i feel like i have to get some red licorice from Australia just to see what it tastes like and if it's any better than American red licorice. Until about 8 minutes ago i didn't even know Aussies made licorice.

  8. Matt, Really enjoyed this H2H. No losers, just a first and almost first. Looking forward to my Discovery #4 from SharedPour.
    I laughed out loud when you said it took about 45 minutes to pick the winner of these 2. That's getting close to Dan Shook times!!

  9. Living here in New Mexico, it's not easy finding any of Bardstown's bourbon :(. I have found Fusion online but no Discovery. I still have my fingers crossed.

  10. About 15 seconds in i saw the bandaid 🩹 and then spent the rest of the video daydreaming about what happened.

    Blueberry? Bandaid.
    Blackberry? Bandaid.

    Congrats discovery 4 and bandaid

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