Brexit going forward: Who are the winners and losers? | DW News

Nobody actually thought the UK would vote to depart the EU. However they did and it up-ended politics in Britain and the EU. When it takes impact it would change many …

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45 thoughts on “Brexit going forward: Who are the winners and losers? | DW News

  1. We want to get out, but still have all the benefits, because we are british…
    That's not how it works, you twats, that's not how it works!

  2. The EU is long outdated, if it had listened to the calls for reform this would never had happened. People talking as if this is the UK vs Europe but it isn’t, it’s the British people vs a political mafia that has for years looked down upon them, all this after the British people fought to free Europe from tyranny. Does make me laugh seeing people talk about the future of the EU, there simply isn’t one. More will leave and it will be much faster and easier than Brexit as we have now set the precedent.

  3. 23 super trawlers counted in UK waters, it's unsustainable. People are concerned about what they've already done to the fish stocks.

  4. Brace yourself, UE is history, CANZUK is the next step.

    I'm from Italy and i want say just one thing, there are not winner or loser, just people who did lot of mistakes from both sides.

  5. Socialist rubbish, show them the money and you got the world at your feet a pure and only scaremongering, UK was always great and always will be, fell sorry for the Scots, will loose they subside from England and become an EU slave to Brussels will 😎👍

  6. Hmm… Something tells me this is an anti Brexit doc masquerading as a 'balanced view point'. 16:54 minutes in and I'm done.

    The UK has just struck 60 new trade deals with the rest of the world.

    Bet you weren't gonna mention that though were you?

  7. To be honest Charles De Gaulle was always against UK to be included in the European Community, since he knew that the Values of the majority of English were not at all compatible with the Values of the post WWII Europe People.

  8. Headline: "Brexit Going Forward: Who are the winners and loser?"
    1:08: More Bitter than Sweet. Brexit losers and winners.
    I see what you did there. Completely sly turn around.
    Post a positive headline as bait then begin with the usual pessimistic stance most Remain fishwives love.
    No less than eight e u member states have access to British fishing waters.
    Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France and Sweden.
    So overfished it has damaged the sea bed, probably beyond repair.

    This is not acceptable and should not be allowed to continue.
    Only British trawlers should be in British waters and what we don't eat we sell but never, ever overfish.
    A border in the same country, any country, is absolute bloody lunacy.. Divide and control.
    If the British were not in Ireland then the IRA would probably not even exist.
    Britain and e u get out.
    Way too early to be talking about winners and losers anyway.
    It is not just a matter of that. There are pros and cons to everything in life.
    Positives and negatives.
    Remain positive and see how we go?

  9. This is a day of sadness. Britain’s departure remains a tragic national error. We have expelled ourselves from a union that was good for this country and the world. The role of the anti-European press in making this happen was decisive, so it is somehow fitting that a government led by journalists has slammed the door. But at least the EU can no longer be blamed for our continuing tensions, inequalities and failures of governance.
    These tensions cannot be magicked away. Brexit was opposed by majorities in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and London and other cities, as well as by most young people and most graduates. None of that is going to change, whatever the overall majority verdict was in 2016 and however tired of the argument we all may be. This is a country divided over Europe. We were divided in the past and we will be divided in the future. Getting Brexit done is a fantasy. It is a supposed solution that only creates new historic problems.

    In 2016, many of the most fanatical Brexiters hoped the UK’s departure would trigger the EU’s breakup. Yet two of the most striking consequences of the vote were the unity of the EU27 in the face of Brexit compared with the growing disunity of the UK4 over the issue. The breakup of Britain rather than the EU is now the more likely prospect. It would be a terrible price to pay. But the delusions that fed and fostered Brexit still have much of the Conservative party and press in their grip, as a number of gloating speeches from the Tory benches on Wednesday indicated.

  10. British needs to understand that they are europeans and the era of colonisation is over India ,Canada,Pakistan , Australia and more are independent now and they are much powerful than the UK and they do not need you , British people your identity and power is in EU , USA is your allie not your Boss understand that …. Germany is the Leader because germany s dowing well with the economy and that should be butgermany did not said that will be the Ruler. You did a really bad decision British voters ….

  11. The fish issue was always going to be tricky. I am originally from Kent and remember when growing up, the frequent Spanish and French fleets blockading of English ports, and trawling so much above their legal quota they had to throw thousands of tonnes of dead fish back in the sea. And despite repeated complaints to Brussels about it, they did sod all. But the minute the French had something to whine about, like salaries for maritime workers – which had nothing to do with the UK – they'd blockade Dover and Calais, forcing Britain to suffer weeks of disruption. As usual, Brussels did nothing. When the referendum result was announced, Barnier said he wanted to punish the British for having the audacity to vote to leave. For even hardened Remainers, this was a completely unacceptable response. Labour tried to campaign for a second referendum but after that display of complete vindictiveness, their campaign crashed and burned.

    At the end of the day, the UK voted to leave the EU because the EU is not doing its job properly. It is like being a member of a golf club that doesn't maintain the greens, stops you from playing, bars you from wearing certain outfits, but allows other members to do what they want, when they want, and at half the membership fee. If all the other members keep voting for the same Board, there is never going to be an improvement. Sooner or later, you have to leave.
    Unless the EU learns lessons from this, it risks other countries considering leaving the EU. The UK wasn't the first to think the unthinkable. And if they don't get their act together fast, we won't be the last.

  12. If Scotland becomes Independent and joins the EU, They be paying a huge membership fee with no subsidies from the EU. Then the EU can send all it's Eastern Europeans to Scotland instead of the UK. Forget the EU and Join CANZUK, with no membership fees and become a larger trading block than the EU.

  13. Jesus Christ even now you STILL don’t get it. You’ll get there, as you see the EU collapse in the next 5 years you’ll start to understand where the EU went wrong. UNREAL!

  14. The idea that Brexit helps the Republican cause is nonsense,in fact, my opinion is that the Republic is more likely to want to Leave the E.U, thus creating a path to Irish unification & I don't see Northern Ireland wishing to wrest itself away from the rest of the U.K.

    I say the above as relating to the current status post-Brexit, but, after the referendum, I actually saw a 'solution' to the Brexit Irish conundrum, an Irish referendum on re-unification,which, had it taken place with success, would have placed the whole of Ireland within the E.U, that is an indication of how things have changed & moved on since the 2016 referendum.

    We are now just a few hours away from regaining national sovereignty & power.

    Younger people simply have no idea that 60 MILLION died in just one world war alone for that precious commodity called 'FREEDOM', they take it for granted, just like the air that they breathe, but they really need to seek the life experiences of people in other countries where freedoms are mitigated by the state or dictators to appreciate why those 60 MILLION people died for them.

  15. Euorpe union should not bother with Britain .they do not need them to join .Britain is an old lady with nuclear weopen .ignore them .Europe is better without them.

  16. Spain said Gibraltar will remain part of EU’s passport-less Schengen Area – after reaching an initial agreement with the UK over the British territory’s post-Brexit status on Thursday. Meanwhile, the PM’s father Stanley Johnson confirmed he is applying for a French passport.

  17. The media only makes this seem like its a money problem. Always. Only money matters to them. They do not understand the cultural and freedom aspects of why we voted for this. Not everything is about money. Sometimes we just want to be seen as individuals.

  18. Little british fishing boats vs masssive Dutch floating fish factories. Says it all really. Europe's great but we're not really European. Even Charles de Gaulle knew that when he vetoed us joining the eec in the first place. He was right. On the scottish front, they do resent the english, nay hate the English but because of hate and ignorance not brexit. Imagine brexit didnt happen, would the scottish nationalists suddenly not seek independence? Of course they would. Scottish nationalists hate british people including British people in Scotland. They are an extremist party united only by their hate for english people.

  19. Like it or not, it is a democratic decision and they have to face the consequences of that decision. After a few years of chaos they will gain their own stregth back. There are a lot of smart people in the UK. The EU and the Euro are failed experiments, there are more and more people who realize they got the short end of the stick and rich are getting richer. There will be more countries in the EU that will seek to leave the EU and eventually only the richest countries will be left. And that will be better for everyone. Smaller, independent governments are the way of the future. Centralization doesn't work, it disadvantages the very poor.

  20. Very one sided (EU) view of Brexit, I'm British I voted remain my fellow Brits voted leave, that's democracy.

    When I speak to friends and family who voted for Brexit it was never about money or exports or the city of London, it was always about sovereignty.

  21. Winners are EU Irish who get to keep freedom of movement of UK which is illegal and a poor job from people lacking integrity as other EU population dont get to keep it

  22. It makes me laugh that Scotland would want to leave the UK, only to join the EU… It seems really weird… It's a tiny country of 5m and barely relevant in the UK. Let alone the EU where they will be one of the smallest, least powerful voices.

    Nicola Sturgeon is only interested in her own agenda and doesn't care about the Scottish people. She's gonna bend the country over to the EU.

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