Brexit fury: EU's insistence on the exclusion of Falkland Islands to punish UK for quitting the bloc

THE EU’s insistence on the exclusion of the Falkland Islands from the post-Brexit commerce deal ratified by Parliament yesterday is probably going motivated by a minded …

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22 thoughts on “Brexit fury: EU's insistence on the exclusion of Falkland Islands to punish UK for quitting the bloc

  1. The Falklands will never belong to Argentina if the EU started the new year with this shit it will end up bad for the EU

  2. F..k that…. to many good lads died to keep them islands free and I for one refuse to let their sacrifice be in vain

  3. The British government will cover the costs of any tariffs incurred by the Falklands islander.
    The Falklands will always remain BRITISH by the decision of the people, go there it like walking in Englands.or Britains countryside, the people are English, even any Argentinians living there want to live there because it's British with British people who think in s British way, Alway Willing to Fight for what ever cause that affects their freedom to choose who they are under which flag they choose under the values of the British people, the spirit of universal freedom for all, the freedom to live within which ever society you believe you belong too, and thankfully that's Again British.

  4. If the EU start changing the goal post Boris ?
    Were gunna have to revert to WTO 👍🇬🇧
    which is what we voted for

  5. So if Falklands just sells their fish to the UK, there will be no tariffs. The UK can sell fish to the EU without tariffs, so just sell an equivalent amount of fish to the EU.

  6. Then the rest of Britain have an obligation to support the people of the Falklands in every way possible 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  7. Oooo that's a new EU word… insistence…just like before, demand, warn threaten…now 🖕🏻🇪🇺 get on with your own stuff, and let the UK do there's🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  8. If so, it is not much of a punishment. The Falklands, and their waters, are richer in more than just fish. Anyway, how much would it cost to compensate the islanders for any reduction in sales, probably temporary, to the EU? The answer is very little.

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