Brexit: Boris Johnson vows to focus on 'levelling up country' 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

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27 thoughts on “Brexit: Boris Johnson vows to focus on 'levelling up country' 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

  1. Boris I voted for you as you said no deal. Your a dam sell out and will be targeted. You have lost 70 million voters and this is the last days of the conservatives. All need a beating and putting in prison. Criminals.

  2. Boris has levelled the country. People can't even begin to imagine how much suffering that evil evil man has caused. When the economy totally collapses this government will begin collapsing and we will begin exacting our revenge.

  3. If you voted for Boris you've no right to moan about him, and I'm also sorry to say you're an idiot because you had the chance to vote Corbyn but this same lying media machine alot of you are finally cottoning onto had you over when they went all out to sway your vote to the buffoon Borid

  4. 'Levelling up country', another meaningless slogan by a PM, who overturned (lied), sometimes in only a few hours, just about everything that he initially promised or said that he stood for. What a useless excuse for a PM, what a shameless figurehead for the UK and it's standing.

  5. BBC, how are you enjoying the millions of pounds "donated" to you by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through your Media Action wing? Bill Gates says he wants to shape the narrative on health initiatives and vaccines. I think it's disgusting that you, a supposed public service, can be bought off and consequently spread undiluted fear and panic amongst the populace to soften them up for expensive, experimental Big Pharma vaccines – when cheap Ivermectin has proven itself in 43 studies to be 100% effective against Covid-19, stopping infection, transmission and symptoms. The BBC has lost its journalistic integrity and no longer has credibility.

  6. Negotiating a Brexit Deal was incredibly difficult and the job of a prime minister is also incredibly difficult. It is so easy to criticise but I would challenge anyone to take on the job of prime minister, and run the country. You will not know whether you are coming or going. We have got a Brexit deal done. We should support our prime minister and congratulate him instead of being negative. A no deal would have been a disaster

  7. Reality kick in UK shoppers face Brexit duties on holiday and online purchases how is this good for business and prosperity ? Oh Boris and his friends can ask for more money from us hey they find another way to make money and tax us .Brexit means Brexit enjoy it ……

  8. We know Boris is going to mess up on getting a vaccine regime up and running so how about everyone sorting through their old toys for a John Bull printing kit and sending it to Boris so he can print even more money for his mates. How they've all suffered!

  9. It will take a lot of levelling to pay all the tax revenue of:- Airbus,Arriva Meryll Lynch,Credit Suisse,Dyson,Ford,Goldman Sachs,Honda,Jaguar. Land Rover,JPMorgan,Lloyds of London,Nissan,Philips Sony,Toyota…….all of whom have moved either staff or headquarters to Europe,due to Brexit…..oops,forgot Mr Rees-Mogg firm. Did the liars miss this from the bus ?

  10. The vaccination programme has now collapsed with no public confidence. Its been accused of been a post code lottery, legally vulnerable priority groups have been pushed aside in favour of chronyism and nepatism with state assets. Calls for the minister involved to be sacked immediately, vaccine Committee have have discriminated against the severely disabled, not complied with th disability laws and never considered them. Calls for the termination of the existing failed programe on Christmas eve with the start of a new different restructured programe in the new year has been called for by the house of Lords… Charity and NHS monitors have called it one of the prominent disasters of 2020. An application to stop the by high court injection is becoming fully justified. It is difficult to understand how a simple vaccination programme already set in law can go soo wrong in the face of so much political lobbying in the house of Lords and commons. Boris has told swift action is required to sack the minister involved, redesign the program for the new year, bring the army in to help nhs failing resources. What a mess…

  11. A Bit late for that as Brexit caused 320 EU funded Green Energy jobs to be lost in the Orkney Islands. Enjoy your future outside all unions England. It is what you deserve. ​Quote @Madrockon "The majority of English are pro EU" The people of Scotland are painfully aware that the vast majority of English are pro EU. You have been since 2017 and over 200 polls prove that, with EU support reaching over 60%. None of that matters as England voted for Boris Brexit and clearly the ERG and Vote-Leave now rule the entire UK.

    Once again all English remain are most welcome to relocate to Scotland and help us build a modern democracy from the ground up. You will gain Scottish citizenship after just 5 years living in Scotland and you will also gain a Scottish passport and freedom of movement across the whole of the EU. That is a fact. What the Brexit celebrate on January the 1st is pure fiction. Simple as that.

  12. It'll take 5 years of Government investment for UK to develop the capability of Catching & Prossesing our own fish. We must develop that capability!

  13. Social Distancing in the future is to stop ppl talking to eachother in any manner in public that is not recorded digitally.

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