BREAKING: 'Woman shot dead' after pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol

Police have confirmed {that a} lady who was shot earlier in the course of the Capitol riots has died attributable to her accidents. Earlier right now supporters massed exterior …

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49 thoughts on “BREAKING: 'Woman shot dead' after pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol

  1. Woman really need to stop interfering with this riots and protesting, like it's sad enough I have to witness it., they should just let the men do it. Woman r just getting to get pushed and hurt and woman's don't want that. A woman got shot that tells u woman in this riot, just don't get involved no matter what the situation is

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  3. Mostly peaceful protest. But it's unfortunate an officer shot a woman. They should use pepper spray on protesters, not live rounds.
    US Gov should have learned from the Kent State Massacre to not kill protesters.

  4. So the media can report on violence at a protest and deaths.
    Funny how much effort they put into trying to convince everyone that blm and antifa riots were peaceful protest.
    Don't forget those groups never accepted Hilary's defeat.

  5. So antifa are literally beating people up, burning property down to ashes, shooting innocent people. That's on the news as "mostly peaceful protests". But then trump supporters do a protest and it's described as "am angry violent mob storms the capitol". The MSM is to blame for the division caused.

  6. They walked in relatively easily. Politicians criticized Trump for using heavy security during Antifa protests so security was reduced.

  7. Don't believe the fake news narrative. This violence was incited by Antifa scumbags who infiltrated the demonstration.

  8. Trump incites the crowd, this brain washed woman felt she had to go and storm into a government building, now tragically she will not return home to her family.

    trump gets to go back home to his family. He is like a mob boss or the head of a terrorist organisation who brainwashes others to do the dirty work and disruption, gets others to sacrifice while he sits there saying ‘well I didn’t tell them to do that 🤷‍♂️!?, I never knew them, it was their choice’

  9. American's are tired of Trump and at this point many of them are willing to show these f@wking Trump Todds who TF runs this country because it certainly isn't overweight inbred adultards. Remember all of these politicians dragging their feet so we can help them hang by their necks. The things that are happening right now need to be stamped out immediately… a person in a mediocre job would lose it in a second for insubordination. Why should politicians not be held accountable for their selfish actions?

  10. It's official they KNOWINGLY just completed the crimes!
    Trump waited for them to do this…OFFICIALLY!!!!!
    Trump told everyone involved "to do the right thing" about the blatant fraud…they didn't!

  11. If the US has found an oil-rich country, then invade the country immediately and restore the superseded democracy.

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