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43 thoughts on “Breaking News Trump 1/11/2021 [FULL 2PM] Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt Jan 11, 2021

  1. Those guilty of sedition and inciting violence should be immediately arrested anywhere in America. A harsh warning should be issued to those who intend to use armed force during Biden and Harris' inauguration and that they face life sentence in prison.
    News channels guilty of sedition and propagating armed violence must be immediately removed from the air. The executives must be arrested immediately. More movie stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and other famous musicians must speak up that democracy in America is in danger and that Biden has been legitimately elected as president of the US. Arnold Schwarzenegger is not only physically strong but also mentally strong. Let’s hope that many will follow his example.

  2. Trump don’t see anything wrong his lies and anything he says or do it’s not in his nature . His ego it’s up there now thinking people will be willing to break the law for me 😊

  3. Why would the big orange baby reach out to Pence, his usefulness is gone. Pence supported and provided cover for 4 years and now that he wouldn't do what the baby wanted he is kicked to the curb without a thought. His life and, anyone around him , were in danger but expecting any empathy or support from this vile person is ludicrous. Another person used again like the rest of the country

  4. I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. Don't you people know this is all Being Framed fake. Called fake news. Soon you will know the truth, I hope you cry

  5. Where is that footage were you about are talking about , nobody saw violence against people then some pressing , these Antifa members were deliberate let in to obstruct the elector debat. This was a well orchestred staged play , nothing more.

  6. Look to the person who paid the people to protest … the same people were apid all simmer and when you follow the money you will find the person to place in jail and let me be clear " It is not Trump.

  7. Any award anyone receives from traitor Trump will be as tainted as he is. You will be associated with a psychopathic wannabe dictator who tried to stage a coup. Yes sir be proud of that award Bill I guess with no playoffs for your team you might as well hang out with a murderer an traitor.

  8. Trump. Should. Not be given any. More. Air. Time. Even a picture of. Him. Should. Not be. Shown he. Is. A coward. Among. Other. Things

  9. It's now monday the following week, and I still think MOST people Do not understand the severity of what just took place. Let us Imagine, the crowd was set on the capital by a figure other then 45. Let's say Farrakhan, now put it in perspective, that the crowd was set on the capital by our OWN President.

  10. For the sake of the Republican Party, past leaders such as past Republican Presidents, past Speakers of the House, past Senate Majority Leaders, etc., should come together on a statement disapproving what Trump has done and no doubt will continue to do beyond the end of his term. They need to make a strong and clear statement, as former military leaders have done.

  11. In GOVERNMENT there is a line one does not cross, this guy plus 74 million have; over the behavior of spoiled apples. The sickness in America let them waltz out wearing new shoes. Trust when people say, "…more to come…".

  12. It's time to revisit the lies the Republicans have spewed against Venezuela and their form of Government. And to make amends with Cuba, Argentina and Venezuela and all other Governments the US has tried to overthrow with lies and coups.

  13. America play book against themselves did not go down well, having done the same thing all over the world and no care about safety of other nations government or people, they now know what it feels like.

  14. I hope they can put our new president on a big screen I don’t think it’s safe for him or his family we as the ppl need to protect him to please no need for violence any more Trump did this to all the American ppl he needs to pay for the 🩸 blood on his hands I would be very upset if I were Nancy or pence those were threats to them and all of the rest that were there I hope they get him out for being. A traider to all of us Americans may god bless America

  15. These rioters are steamed up with blind ignorant rage do to a charismatic lunatic of a failed leader. Most of them don’t really have good reason to follow Trump.

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