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34 thoughts on “Breaking News Trump 1/10/2021 [FULL 2PM] MSNBC Breaking News Today Jan 10, 2021

  1. Interesting, Maxine Waters tells people to harass and intimidate Republicans and it is perfectly acceptable to liberals. Trump tells supporters to “peacefully” rally and that is somehow an impeachable & criminal offense?? This is how people think when they HATE!!!

  2. TRUMP should resign. Republicans should go to the white house and get him to resign. The 25th amendment is next. Impeachment is third choice. I'm more worried about future mini Trump's he might endorse in the future. We have to react strongly as a country.

  3. Why are none of you media talking about the phone call between the governor of Maryland and the congressional leadership asking for their help from reservists? Trump's leaders in the military wouldn't allow the help to come for 90 minutes while they were in hiding. Investigate THAT AND SHARE IT WITH THE AMERICANS WHO DOUBT THE NEED TO INVOKE THE 25TH AMENDMENT.

  4. Biden should be saying DOJ investigate tRump, his family and every trumputinpuppetts that attacked our capitol and william Barr, Josh Hawley, Graham , Mcconnell and all others that supported the bastard for inciting treason an riots and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Now Biden you are protector. Do your f+ cking job. Pacifism in this time is weak ass people.

  5. It’s obvious that those at the highest levels of the capital police and at the pentagon were complicit in the Insurrection…. They "stood down" and let it happen.

  6. One reason Pence does not dare initiate the 25th Amendment is because he is afraid for his life. For good reason. The mob went mad looking for Pence after Trump said they should be "not so nice" to him; some threatened to kill Pence; they erected a gallows and noose – not a racist signal (only), but an indication of how primitive their condition, a glimpse of the old South. I thought Pence wouldn't do the 25th just because he is weak and a lackey to Trump. But he might be stronger if he and his family are given serious protection. I now understand why Republicans are so afraid of this man; if its's not verbal abuse that traumatizes through ridicule, denigration, and cruelty, the President is actually willing to knock off a few people, especially if he can get others to do it so it doesn't look like he's the force behind the act. Trump is a delusional psychopath, sadistic narcissist, a con artist, and addict on the loose who has been enabled every step of the way by the government's failure to hold him accountable on the LEAST of his corrupt actions.

  7. Stop talking about our government as A CHURCH! It's NOT. It's SECULAR: One of our core values and part of the Bill of Rights is SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. Stick to it.

  8. we just barely missed a catastrophic event!! I'm glad that Mayor Bowser put in place a 6 PM curfew. One of the criminals said the big stuff would happen at night. They had 2 explosive devices plus molotav cocktails. I think they could be planning to blow up the building, not to mention the harm to legislators!! I think they want the explosions at night because it would appear more dramatic against the dark sky.

  9. I honestly believe that trump knows full well he DID NOT WIN, It doesn’t matter to him if he won or lost if he wants it no matter what it is he thinks he should have it regardless of ANYTHING! He is used to getting his way either by having his thugs threaten or worse people involved or by using money for it.. that’s who and what trump is and ….. he know exactly what he is doing.

  10. No doubt:

    the pragmatic, the swine, and opportunists (the remaining COLONIAL-PREDATORS' collaborators still in the party who prey on their geographically split constituents, who favour the interests of the Empire against the people of the land & in favor of the captive thuggish-polities of the metropolitan establishments and their elites):

    will indeed act with treachery against the people of the land.

    Nonetheless, the people of the land are being set free, principally because predators in their hubris are unable to keep their most viciously weaponized facade (emotional intelligence, etc.)

    Finally the people of the land can see what only the most rugged self-reliant individuals could imagine. Finally the maligned Godfearing are being welcome into their hearts as they see how vicious the metropolitan establishment and its thuggish-polities have become in pursuit of their elites' interests.

    The cat won't be put back in the bottle. There's no turning back. "Let liberty prevail" will become real in due time. The labour pains will be hard. The cities will earn what they have sown rather than continuing to harvest what the people of the land have sown all this time, with their blood.

    The thuggish-polities don't need our consideration, they can take what they want through the perversion they mischaracterize as "democracy".

    Gratefully, over the coming months, hopefully within no more than one single generation or portion thereof, the bulk of the people of the land will recognize and embrace the image that should somehow: on average, 40% all the way up to 92%, of the thuggish-polities of all the cities exceeding 250,000 people and even 50,000 or perhaps in many cases 10,000 people, were to disappear as in a dream or even a worldly nightmare scenario, we wouldn't as a logically subsequent proposition fall off the earth as it were or have to face an existential crises. But, in fact, even if sincerely though ignorantly maligned by the remaining population groups of humanity and their vicious rulers who unlike ours would still be around to pervert truth: we would be better off even if our GDP were to fall 85%. We would know with absolute certainty that once our people are free, industry wouldn't be an issue as none would go hungry. As far as the external world is concerned, we would likely have immediate peace for upwards of three to eight generations, almost by right as it were, for our military policy would be sensible: wars of annihilation if invaded; "assassination" against vetted individual targets or installations in response to attacks. Most importantly, perhaps an action deemed worthy of assassination will yield annihilation, whereas a great trespass might appear to go unpunished for decades or centuries only to be remembered when least expected. Perhaps the daughter of a missionary, let's say five years old, is defiled in some "Godforsaken" culture where we have "forgotten" tens of thousands of deaths against the souls of our saints out on missions, then it might occur that multiple sparklers each several megatons worth, might brighten their days. The point is that annihilation is the only moral war. And war is only clean against invaders or their "functional" equivalent vis-a-vis the historic and common or predictable laws of nature respecting our earthly place. A functional equivalent might be an attack against migrations of wild animals, and which as a binary or other portion thereof is later activated as diseased animals arrive on our landmass, shores, etc. Or against those attacking sources of water, etc. cross borders, etc. so that a true citizen, a soul prospective waiting it out for the Lord in a wilderness, or just any trusting man who doesn't see a need to die of thirst until getting a go ahead from a water engineer or tech of some stripe or other.

    The people of the land in America, the Godfearing, are in the same boat as the people of the land in every other Empire, Kingdom, Republic, State, etc. anywhere on the face of the earth. By default we are preyed upon, dismantled or compartmentalized, unevenly-yoked by means such as a Westphalian World-System of collaborators, by "defaults" in these systems which favor the incorporation of municipal entities instead of an individual rights reserved policy of non-taxation, of voluntaryism (other than family, extended kin group and local community where applicable), of clear property owned but not implicitly of society, etc. Defaults which allow the leverage incorporation offers but only with the loss of suffrage outside that leveraged enclave, with the requirement to disclose on-time jointly and severally on each and every domestic and, "foreign" incorporation.

  11. If he's Impeached more importantly, he'll lose his Pension, Security, and other Benefits we would otherwise have to shell out tax dollars, for this Empty Husk.

  12. southern Baptist author and Bible teacher Beth Moore '' I have never seen any thing in these United States of America I found more astonishingly seductive & dangerous to the saints of God than Trumpism,” Moore said on Twitter in mid-December. “This Christian nationalism is not of God. Move back from it.”

  13. Trump didn't order any rush too destroy anything. All he said was we needed to stand strong!! He's not going to push any nuke button!! If by now you can't see what the democrats are up too, go back and think…Trump hasn't had one minute of co-operation from the Dems since "even before" he was elected to office. Their hate for him started with Hilary!! She was SO sure she was going to win!! REMEMBER!!! Now between the Dems and the liberial media and Bidens crew, you wait we'll be in debt til hell freezes over GUARANTEED !! AND don't forget they want your gun!! SO you have NO means to defend yourself against a tyrannical government !!!!!! IF you forget the past it's doomed to repeat itself!! Remember NAZI GERMANY!!! PAPERS PLEASE…….BANG!!!…………….Remember ALL the good he's done for this country!!

  14. We have got to hold those accountable no matter who they our this includes the President u wanna harm your own country because your ego cant stand losing with that u have to pay we have got to send a strong message so this will never happen again even though you hold the highest office in the land does not make you untouchable when you do something like this causing deaths and mayhem

  15. Foreign or Domestic enemies we in the military are sworn to protect our Democracy from those rioters are enemies to this believing trump has military support for them they are as ignorant as they look tying to overthrow our Capital

  16. do not under estimate the radical right…they have been the no.1 threat to national security for the last 10 yrs per fbi intelligence…

  17. It's very, very sad he lost his life while other DC POLICE let in protesters and helping them. So many people have been lied to so much that these people believe in the Republican lies. As a police office your suppose to protect, but letting this mob in Congress by some police is just wrong.

  18. These are not rioters, these are mob Criminals and murders that work for Trump and should be prosecuted as such…this was premeditated murder on a federal employee.

    This is not a third party, this Trump's third riegh, the death squad just like HITLER.
    …don't call these murderers rioters. They will kill anyone that gets in their way.

  19. Trump saying January 6th is going to be a "Hell of a day, it's gonna be wild", was a classic case of the boy who called wolf. How many times have we heard Trump say "you'll find out soon" and nothing ever came of that statement, so I guess those in command didn't believe him this time. However: everyone knew that January 6th was going to be a day of trouble and they should have had police installed in and around the WH because it's been such a time of rioting in the past year. With all the elected officials in one building, it was the perfect opportunity to cause trouble and damage. Just imagine what would have happened if they had gotten into the area where all these officials were meeting, there would have been a great loss of many leaders. We thought "As if", when we watched the movie designated survivor but it could have really been a real life situation like in the movies.

  20. Most people who dislike Trump are followers. To scared to admit anything good about him. For fear of what others will think. So sad.. haters

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