'Boy, the lies': Cuomo reacts GOP leader's QAnon remark

Home GOP Chief Kevin McCarthy discusses freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) assertion to GOP about her previous inflammatory feedback.

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43 thoughts on “'Boy, the lies': Cuomo reacts GOP leader's QAnon remark

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  2. Mr cuomo..right up your ace

    From the house rules

    . "One measure of that restraint is that the House has never expelled any Member for conduct that took place before his or her House service. Nor has the House removed Members for action in a prior Congress when the electorate insisted on re-electing them to the House despite a record of improper conduct.1"

    Fuh you dolphin

  3. Our Mr. Cuomo to correct you that is actually a rule Congress men cannot be held accountable for anything before their sworn in…. I can get you the law and posted here but CNN men you guys lie through your teeth

  4. It's amazing they did not act like this towards congresswoman Omar. They had to ask her nicely for an apology for her anti-Semitic remarks and crazy conspiracy theory that Congress was born paid for by Israel. Or has CNN forgotten all about that

  5. "According to one law enforcement official, medical examiners did not find signs that the officer sustained any blunt force trauma, so investigators believe that early reports that he was fatally struck by a fire extinguisher are not true."

    Cnn owes people an apology…..

  6. 13 minutes! 13 minutes is all it took for Chris Cuomo To workout at his GYM! Workout without a mask? We were all on lock-down! ALL OF US ORDERED to wear masks! His brother (The Govenor) ordered the mask's and lock-down! GYM's were especially off limits! That's what CNN told us. When is CNN gonna punish this clown! Punish him! Fire his ASS! Who are his sponsors? Cuomo is not above the law! FIRE HIM!

  7. People who fall for conspiracy theories are desperate. We need to normalize people going to trade school and state college. We also need to demand billionaires create more jobs and convert their businesses to worker co ops

  8. It appears that there is more that one snake in our garden. I thought the devil was through after Linda Blair, but nope, not even close. Then there was as Donald Trump and his little pointy headed minions. Opps wait lets not forget Hawley, Greene, Rubio, and that other guy with the super brown nose, Cruz. Anyone supporting Trump needs a prozac the size of a cheesecake that's frosted with lithium.

  9. All I can tell is McCarthy is glowing. He is lying to protect her and please his master. I find this very disturbing.

  10. who really cares. everything going on is just big smoke screens so our crooked government can slide all their wrong doings through Congress and Senate so the American people doest see what really going on.

  11. Republicans think they can destroy country with help of trump and his thugs !! Really this is America dream land promise LAND OR Terrorist land ?? What happened patriot republicans ?? Why they want to destroy constitution democracy and American values?.. what’s wrong with republicans ?

  12. @6:44 ….. The "lady" is NO LADY!!! Several days after this video l saw Ms. Greene's comments related to her being removed from committee assignments. The things she said were absolutely appalling. This woman had ABSOLUTELY NO SINCERITY about apologizing for things she has said and done in the past. She AVOIDED responding to any commentary that indicated topics her constituents and the people of the USA might seek her apologies or retractions……she offered NO APOLOGIES OR RETRACTIONS. When asked directly about a number of radical factions: she skirted the issue…and her comments were overtly disingenuous.
    THIS WOMAN HAS NO INTEREST IN BEING ANYTHING ELSE OTHER THAN A CONSPIRACY THEORIST….AND SHE INSISTS SHE IS CONCERNED ABOUT THE USA CONSTITUTION WHILE SHE AVOIDS DIRECT QUESTIONS RGARDING AREAS OF CONCERN. It is obvious that she intends to continue to do what she damned well pleases and she does not have sincere apologies to make…. BUT she will say whatever is necessary to get her enough votes to stay in office. This "lady" is shady, sketchy, slippery, and disingenuous at best….and she will make any insincere remarks necessary to get votes. Nope…she is NO LADY…. SHE IS A WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING. THE VOTERS OF HER STATE WOULD BE WISE TO SEND HER PACKING: HOPEFULLY NOT TO MY STATE.
    IMO: she is clearly a viable threat to this democracy…and she will play her hand based on HER OWN INTERESTS; NOT THE INTERESTS OF HE CONSTITUANTS.

  13. This is a bunch of BS Republican party wants to give Donald Trump a free pass he wants to take away our voting rights they are already going to war against us the KKK is in charge of these people do not be fooled by the sham Donald Trump has been a con man all in life. He doesn't care about the people they still want to follow him Black America wake up it's time to wake up the races are trying to wipe us out that's just the bottom line they want don't want to give us no stimulus money but yet they give Trump and his billionaires billions and billions of dollars wake up

  14. This is how effed up the liberal side is they want to tell you how to think how to talk. This is so f**** out of control anymore it's sickening.. you're the problem Fredo you're one of the problems

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  16. McCarthy saying he didn't know what Quanon is, is such a joke. How stupid does he think we are? The Republicans just keep lying to save their butts. They have made a laughing stock of the Republican party and they just keep digging in deeper and deeper.

  17. Democrats are always trying to cancel everyone but themselves, Antifa is just a idea is what democrats say. So cut the bullshit

  18. The Biden Administration Supports The China Virus Spread, don't think that they want it to go away!!! They used it to steal the election and now they are using it to control the American people.

  19. Isn’t this impeachment shit crazy? First time, he couldn’t be charged because he was the sitting President now he can’t be charged because he’s the former President! Wake Up Folks SMH

  20. Remember how your beloved demonrats done the same thing? They've done all of the things they blame on the Republicans. Like Mad Maxine Waters calling on people to surround Trump cabinet and push back on them. Then they cover for them. Bunch of two faced liars!

  21. She’s only being trump side kick she is trump side kick between her and trump our destroying our democracy worse than it is already falling apart people have forgotten what the meaning of free speech

  22. McCarthy needs to find his balls. He needs to keep them out of Marjorie Taylor Greene's crazy snatch. He should be ashamed of himself!!

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