Borderlands DLC: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned – Episode 1

Welcome to my playthrough for the primary DLC within the authentic Borderlands, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. Let me know in case you guys are interested by seeing this …

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35 thoughts on “Borderlands DLC: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned – Episode 1

  1. I have a question
    How do you actually play the the zombie island of dr. ned
    I downloaded it from the internet and don't know how to activate them
    Please help me with it directly

  2. people all u need for the dlc is fast travel and I think complete the mission skags at the gate, but one thing, I spent $4.99 for this cuz I got both borderlands and I cant do this for a while cuz im lvl 8 tryin to kill bonehead plus also buy mad moxxi's underdome riot played it at friends house awesome also subscribe to me plz goodbye

  3. I just bought the first Borderlands recently and want to buy a dlc pack. Which one would be the best to download? Thanks for any suggestions.

  4. How do you get to Zombie Island
    Ive played this back in 2010 on a computer. Then I moved. But 4 years I buy the game, but can't remember how to get to Zombie Island.
    I had to but the zombie pack on xbox.
    I can't remember basically and need help. And I can't find anything in the last twenty minutes that would help me. And your video came the closest.all I'm finding is intro videos to zombie.
    Idk what it is I'm doing wrong but can you help

  5. you dont seem too interested in the game -.- swipes the game from his house MOM!!!!! LOOK WHAT AT WHAT I FOUND IN THE STREET BORDERLANDS

  6. I just got this game with all the dlc i start playing this dlc but the zombies only take i health damage it takes all my bullets and not even half of their health is gone? 

  7. If there was a similar DLC in BL2, it'd feel like Resident Evil with the Lady Fist pistol then :3 Aside from having plenty of ammo though.

  8. there is a refrence for ned in borderlands 2 in the epiloge of the quest monster mash
    part: 3 it states i think " that you killed dr neds abominathion atleast you have not met his brother".

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