Boeing 737-500 Crashes outside Jakarta – Mentour Aviation News

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23 thoughts on “Boeing 737-500 Crashes outside Jakarta – Mentour Aviation News

  1. Inspired by this event, I went looking for all manner of crashes involving a 737. And it was "educational" to say the least. I came away with the conviction that commercial success is itself a factor in things going wrong. Windows operating system is on par with 737 in success, and it attracts unwanted attention. 737 is a whole large family of models, purposely flushed out to get more sales. That puts it in more situations and more countries, not all of whom strive for optimum safety. Probably flies in more adverse environments, too. If you as a passenger are taking a trip with a conscientious airline in a safe environment, these events may be irrelevant. But on any scale, half of a data is below average, so a very large number of passengers are in a chancy situation.

  2. 4 mins after take off?
    It gives me goosebumps how fragile we are.
    Rip to all the victims. I read there were 7 children and 3 infants

  3. So horribly sad! Bless all involved! Your perspective on these incidents is always on another level. Not related to this one… but as an idea, I'd find it very interesting to hear your thoughts on all aspects of TWA 800 sometime…

  4. another Boeing failure. Why fly in a Boeing Airliner?
    Insist on another make of Aircraft when you book your flights!!! NOW!!!!!

  5. This is exactly why I am glad you've started covering recent events. When people have respectable sources of information to draw upon, fewer will listen or give credence to sensational stories made to generate revenue by those who do not know what is going on. It helps combat misinformation, and is a genuine service to people. There is real integrity in that, which the world needs more of. With that, all there is left to say is thank you for covering this.

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