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26 thoughts on “Bo Solo Guide On Island Invasion

  1. Video summary for those who don’t have time to watch the full video:
    Best map for Bo is Island Invasion. Gale, Shelly, Edgar, Tara, Bea are also very good.
    Bo is not that good in mid, so go into the bush and use vision as your advantage. Use your totem effectively, 1st you can put it down as you are breaking boxes. 2nd you can use it to block shots from Bea, Shelly, and Bull. 3rd you can use it to charge super when you are in mid. Biggest counter for Bo is Edgar; if you see Edgar go as far away as possible. Because of Bo’s vision you can wait for tanks to go to a position where you can easily auto sim and take them out. Use your mines as soon as you get them, and don't use the mines to break up the bush; throw it in mid to break up the walls. You can also use the mines to force your opponent to come closer to you.
    Server: NA
    Rank: 35
    750-780 Trophy Gameplay

  2. i would love to see a super long and detailed guide about edgar pls and of course i thinnk you are the best showdown player and the best youtouber thanks a lot and continue making all theese great content pleaseee

  3. a lot of people watch stupid videos like '' I got Leon from big box omg omg '' they dont know that there is SuperLab who is making good and useful content such as guides 😉

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