Black snow in Russia | Focus on Europe

In a coal-mining area in Russia, polluted air colours the snow black. Residents are struggling because of environmental air pollution. Subscribe: …

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44 thoughts on “Black snow in Russia | Focus on Europe

  1. The solution is simple:if the authorities are doing nothing(kind of normal in Russia) then try to reach president Putin in person because he is renowned for its swift actions and if this fails too the best course of action will be an unified exodus of all people working in that industry.Just take everything you have of value,load it in a car and get out of there!!!!.I'm not saying this lightly,I'm saying this from my own family experience and if careful enough you should have a different life elsewhere in that vast country but if you are stubborn about this idea…….then…….🤷‍♂️ I don't know what else to say.If everyone in that place put their tools down at once and stay firm ,the authorities would have no choice but to bring and install all filters and whatever other measures of protection.I would just leave and do something different elsewhere! 😉

  2. Praying for Russia 🇷🇺 Praying for Canada 🇨🇦 Hope we can negotiate better and work on environmental issues

  3. I mean you can not do anything, only development of different (not mineable) energy sources will save planet`s atmosphere from pollutions such as this

  4. Hey, here in California the bodyshop near our workplace constantly releases chemical odors into the air and business owner of one of the stores in our building ended up in emergency with asthma attack because of that. And NOTHING is done about it- not by the city, not by the Air Quality control. And board members in townhome complex where we live steal money from our HOA accounts- and nothing is being done about it either.

  5. “In those days there shall be great pollutions”. This was Prophesied 4,000+ years ago by many Holy Prophets.

  6. Sad…😑
    Jesus is the Son of God. Believe in his death and resurrection then repent from sin. Love ya♥️

  7. Solution – big corporations that made this happen should and will tax people with co2 tax,take away ther freedoms an posesions,call it response to climate change and VOILA 😉 (if someone missed it I WAS SARCASTIC )

  8. That’s because russians doesn’t control their government. No free media, no fair elections, ppl doesn’t want to do anything. Oligarchs and state companies make revenues the way they want.

  9. 😓😢 This is terribly sad. I had a Russian friend that once told me they painted the snow with white ink. We don't speak in a long time now but it was incredibly sad.

  10. You know, last time I checked, threatening people into staying in their motherland ACTUALLY makes them WANT to leave the motherland!

    The Russian government and police are like an abusive partner who wants to imprison you within your own home!

  11. White tokenism, white tokens in Siberia 100% plant{ation} owners lives in Moscow or maybe St. Petersburg where all profits from operation goes, and white tokens (casino chips) works in Siberia region. When birth rate will reach Germany or Japan level 1.05 or birth quality (genetic mutations) will reach Ukraine and Belarus region of Chernobyl, Moscow will don nothing. That is Golden rule of Russian and Soviet empire.

  12. Well, if they had melted, electrolized and utilized snow and ice to begin with, they could have powered their society on Hydrogen instead of coal. (See my Twitter page under the same name as this comment to see just some of what this world is doing with Hydrogen.) Hydrogen, it's not just the future, it's already here now. Hydrogen, the most abundant element in this universe.

    Money to be made, even internationally, in the Hydrogen sector for those who know what they are doing. You snooze, you lose what might have been. Fully your own freewill choice.

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