BIG DISCOVERY – Cripps is STEALING Materials in Red Dead Online

BIG DISCOVERY – Cripps is STEALING Supplies in Purple Lifeless On-line #RedDeadOnline #TraderRole #AustinBMX Because the launch of the Naturalist Function within the …

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25 thoughts on “BIG DISCOVERY – Cripps is STEALING Materials in Red Dead Online

  1. Man. For real. What part of this game actually functions as intended? Any of the roles? I can name a plethora of bugs for all of them. You know this game has potential cuz we still here but g*ddamn! This in particular really is nothing compared to other bugs that halt this game in it's tracks. At least disconnecting seems to be in the past…. I want next gen optimization so bad. I'll keep holding out hope for PS5.

  2. the smaller the animal to cripps the better i give him rats you can collect loads of them in the cave at elsian pool and on a island loads of crabs you do not need a wagon all fit in pouch bird feathers all fill it up quicker got to level 10 in 2 days you just waste time on large animals

  3. Maybe it’s him who has stolen two variants of one trader outfit I owned and the whole 6 variants of the other two other trader outfits I bought that have now disappeared months later 🤬 when I spend thousands and it disappears it makes me want to quit the game 🤬 also I had a feeling this was happening because I’ve donated two sapa cougars multiple times and they are worth 56 each and could still donate things after. I actually might dislike this game now 🤣

  4. He's not stealing, they changed it a few months ago, it's not 200 materials you need for a full bar anymore, it's 250 now 😉

  5. You blame the wrong guy, the gods of this world are Rockstar games, they love making 20% of our efforts going to waste. Nothing new or shocking about that unfortunately..

  6. Thanks, bro! While you're at it… until some of us can get the combat skills necessary… can you lobby RS to provide players under tank 80 with total protection from sneak and random, unprovoked attacks from griefers and murderers? Meaning they can't do anything to another player unless that player initiates the aggression. If RS can't do that then at least limit the griefers to a "duel slap" (you know… the good across the face challenge? )… with the resulting options being…1) a fisticuffs nature to settle it… 2) an old fashioned pistols duel…3) a showdown at noon gunfight duel…4) a knife fight or the victim can opt to "tuck tail" which will cost $10 (lunch money 💰 hit) and a 10% honor reduction for 25 real world hours (to incentivize the victim to fight back). If the briefer loses the consequences are $25 cash to the victim and 30% honor reduction…or if the griefers already have low or no honor then $70 cash to the victim. If RS going to allow it, make it fun and mean something for both sides of the grief, right? The last option would be "revenge hunt" whereby if the victim chooses not to duel or press charges the player can opt to hunt the griefer for 4 real world days using tracking clues to either kill the griefers or turn them in for a cash reward (TBD) and a I penalty of so many in game hours jail time (TBD). The keys are the griefers are limited in provisions (except for the horse), and can't see the hunter on the map until the hunter is within 200 in game yards. Also, the only weapons the griefers are allowed is a hammer and regular lasso. If the griefers still prevail they get whatever would have been the reward money and avoid the honor hit and in game jail time. The hunter loses the value of the reward money 💰 in cash. This will gin up some more fun and excitement in the game while actually utilizing the griefer problem. West do you think?

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