Biden's inauguration led to mom escaping QAnon

Ashley Vanderbilt fell down the QAnon rabbit gap however after Joe Biden was inaugurated, she knew she’d been tricked. She tells CNN Enterprise’ Donie O’Sullivan …

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49 thoughts on “Biden's inauguration led to mom escaping QAnon

  1. How stupid can people be ? It's a question with infinite answers… "I'm not reading or watching news, i've always been told what to believe. I was told I'm a republican, so i was a republican"… Damn, the USA has a REAL education problem. Honestly, your educational level is basically on a level with neanderthals. Science ? Nope. Facts ? Nope. Stories ? Yup, I buy it ! No wonder your Coffee-to-go has "Warning: Hot Contents" printed on the side of the cup. Wild wild west, lmao…

  2. If they realize Q is not a caucasian republikon and is a person color will make them erupt in flames!! Amerika has done a great disservice to its people with very poor, mediocre shameful!!

  3. This is so stupid😂 How is this bs news? Gas prices are rising, people are dying under bidens watch, governors are hiding covid number deaths (cuomo), california is getting rid of their idiot of a governor, and all cnn is worried about are conspiracy theories? What a bunch of idiots. Their viewers obviously are some of the dumbest sheep in the world.

  4. This woman was on The View as well. Not the brightest bulb. We need to stop assuming that being a parent and holding a job means someone is sane.

  5. Wow wow wow, well technically we're are owned by China since everything is made there including trumps Mega hat's. Isn't that what people are doing in Communist countries? They just do what Putin say to do. If she is not willing to think for herself then she's not willing to live her own life. Why would she still listen to trump or any of those people.

  6. Welcome back to reality young lady. I'm glad you found your way back to free will & your independence. We wish you well. 🥰

  7. I see at the end that she has a husband/boyfriend & all I can wonder is if he believed(s) the same thing. Has he seen the light too?

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  9. I don't understand how she escaped the rabbit hole when it seems preposterous that she was able to squeeze through it in the first place…

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  11. Ahem, CNN, I get my news from CNN on YouTube. Explain how awful that is. It's a simple mode of delivery. I'm more concerned that this poor woman saw something supportable in Trump. And try to stop using that overused term "rabbit hole." It's really more a worm hole.

  12. Religious indoctrination from birth is the number one reason people follow instead of lead. It's why the bible refers to believers as sheep. They'll follow their leader, right off the cliff.

  13. Theres something wrong with this lady! Trump supporters dont believe this shit! The People who started believing in Q needed some other reality!

  14. 2Thessalonians 2:9-12
    the one whose coming springs from the power of Satan in every mighty deed and in signs and wonders that LIE,
    and in every WICKED DECEIT for those who are PERISHING(DYING)because they have NOT accepted the ♡LOVE of TRUTH so that they may be saved.(Ephesians 4:21…as TRUTH is IN JESUS)
    Therefore, GOD is sending them a DECEIVING POWER(DELUSIONAL…believe in things that cannot be true)so that they may believe the LIE,
    that ALL who have NOT believed the TRUTH but have approved WRONGDOING may be CONDEMNED.
    Isaiah 34:16
    Look in the book of the LORD and READ: …
    John 16:13
    But when He comes, the Spirit of TRUTH, He will GUIDE you to ALL TRUTH. …
    1John 2:27
    As for you, the anointing that you received from Him remains in you, so that you do NOT need anyone to teach you. But His anointing teaches you about EVERYTHING and is TRUE and not false; just as it taught you, remain in Him.
    John 15:7
    If you remain in Me(JESUS) and My WORDS remain in you, ask for whatever you want and it will be done for you.
    Psalm 32:8
    I(LIVING GOD) will instruct you and show you the way you should walk, give you counsel and watch over you.

  15. Jesus Christ, anointed DonaLd Trump to Save America!!! DonaLd Trump IS the Greatest Man
    in ALL of Human History, on this Earth!!!! Jesus Christ ihe Now Sending to SNOW, to Punish ALL
    of you Losers, for Turning your Backs against Trump, cuz TRUMP IS the TRUTH!!!!

  16. You have to remember that the news is news and tic tock and u tube is entertainment. So verify claimed facts and think critically. They should teach a class in critical thinking in high school instead of waiting til college so many don't go to college.

  17. Kudos to this young woman for revealing that embarrassing truth to the world. I pray that others hear her and wake up as well. I'm sick of living in the United States of Apathy. We all need to be informed and we all need to get involved in our communities–we are The People: we need to take back our government–from within–from self-serving, racist, misogynistic individuals like Trump, Cruz, Graham, McConnell and every single congressperson who voted not to convict their leader Drumpf (His real last name before his grandfather changed it).

  18. Just like he'll never denounce white supremacists, Chump will never never* denounce QAnon. These abhorrent people are his base.

  19. How do people become so paranoid that they fall for conspiracy theories in a believe everything they read on social media

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