Biden signs executive orders on stimulus checks, minimum wage, and food stamps

President Biden delivered remarks and signed two government orders, one in every of which might enhance federal meals help and streamline the supply of stimulus …

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24 thoughts on “Biden signs executive orders on stimulus checks, minimum wage, and food stamps

  1. Why don't you people smarten up Biden is not giving anyone anything he's taking away keep saying he's going to give you steamless but really he's taking your job he thinks he's doing you a favor he's not giving the American people nothing he's just taking everything away

  2. Is there going to be an increase on the child tax credit? I thought I heard that. If so, is this immediate and automatic or does that still need to be voted on and should we wait to file our taxes?

    Also will this next round of stimulus go off of 2019 or 2020 tax info? My income has drastically been reduced due to loss of hours due to loss of business.

  3. For the people who owe back taxes and or back child support they WON'T receive the $1,400 SMH thats messed up some people have adult children and still paying child support I just don't understand this Pandemic has hit hard some worst the others I just don't think it's fair at the end of the day they are people who need this too but who am I 🤷‍♀️

  4. What americans need to cover bill wise car bill , rent bill , food , clothes,
    Shoes, buy more bus pass , buy more masks for face . Buy what they need for baby's and kid too stock up . Bathroom stuff too , two rows of toilet tissue please !! Americans get what is right for you , when you get right then stretch.

  5. If americans get 2.000 a month wow
    Americans need to think about clothes bills shoes rent . Just do what's right president did his part .

  6. So menu americans , if you can not get a car or home or food look what is more important . Make a list .
    To stay healthy you need food to get where you need to go you need money or car . Also your clothes shoes . Masks for face buy a bus pass for ride .


  8. NICE SPEECH, however We The People already know what he's saying..bc WE ARE LIVING IT! Who is he preaching to? The Rich that don't live in reality? Why is he bringing up what "WE" have been trying to tell him all along. He can talk till the cows come home, but WITHOUT ANY ACTIONS TO ADDRESS THESE ISSUES… is just a lot of hot air and an hour of my life I can't get back!

  9. I pray we get this 3rd stimulus soon the whole country has gone down Joe Biden just take the matters in your own hands ✋ if that what it takes we the people are counting on you You got the people to vote for you so act now as asap we can't wait months we need help right now

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