Biden rolls out major executive actions to combat the climate crisis

President Biden known as Wednesday “local weather day” and “jobs day,” sending the message to the American folks that local weather motion will enhance the economic system and …

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45 thoughts on “Biden rolls out major executive actions to combat the climate crisis

  1. Ah yes, let’s stop transporting crude oil the most green way possible (pipeline) in order to ship it via diesel truck, and railway. Let’s spend 100,000 on electric cars, when just to construct the battery for the car requires the land the be mined and depleted beyond recognition. YOU PEOPLE ARE LUNATICS. Cut your nose off in-spite your face. Two weeks in and all of you look like Stepford wives. SNAP OUT OF IT!

  2. Oh wait a minute he wants to create a new jobs in the community where the folks live the help build this country? That piece of s*** made 11,000 people lose their jobs the first minute this piece of s*** got into office

  3. This issue is spraying chemicals in our Atmosphere there is no climate change the earth 🌍 has been here for millions of years and will be a million more

  4. What climate crisis? Could that be the one your jets are creating ? Why are USAF tankers doing circuits over Britain? THEY ARE NOT REFUELLING JETS, which is what they were designed for.

  5. This is TOTAL BS. There is NO scientific consensus that we are close to a climate crisis. Man cannot control the Earth's temp – there are natural forces that have WAY more influence over global temps than anything that Man can ever cause. Plus, the lunatic Left consistently conflate the environment with Climate. On the environment, there is consensus: yes, we ALL want clean air and clean water – and US already does a great job at that. EXISTENTIAL THREAT – MY AS*

  6. More woke brain wash. There is no climate crisis and the USA won't be able to stop what's happening in India and China. They will by far outpace what the USA emits. PS Biden is all teleprompter- all the time. Notice how there are so many dislikes in these brain wash videos? Because people aren't going along with your BS woke media.

  7. Climate Change but the Air Force is Heavily Chemtrailing the Blue Sky. Why don’t Biden sign an executive order to stop the Chemtrailing the Sky.

  8. It takes 500 gallons of water to process a pound of lithium, 12-18 for a gallon of gas, 5-7 for a gallon of ethanol…. 30-50 years average to get rain from the surface to the aquifers. Let’s look at the real carbon problems , mainly our trash! Everything is packaged and not near enough is recycled or reprocessed. I do not bet but I almost bet we bury more oils in the form of plastics than we burn in our cars. If we could turn those back into feedstocks we could reduce our oil consumption by a dramatic amount.

  9. Biden 4 Jail – Dems are no different then the Nazis who followed Hitler, only these dems are much dumber. and much more brainwashed

  10. What Biden can do to make it an easier pill to swallow to its labor force is free training in the new jobs, and some monetary subsidies to alleviate transition for any lost income.

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