Biden promises additional $1400 relief checks: Entire economy speech

Throughout a speech that laid out particulars of his American Rescue Plan, President Joe Biden vowed that he would comply with by on his marketing campaign promise to offer …

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48 thoughts on “Biden promises additional $1400 relief checks: Entire economy speech

  1. My opinion is: I believe covid is real but blown way out of proportion. All these decisions are made for a major plan that the American people doesn't know about. I don't look with physical eyes but spiritual ones. Its going to get real bad. The wall that Trump put up was to slow down or stop human trafficking and to keep Americans working in America . Trump was and is outside of the governments ploy and plots. They all will be untrustworthy. But some more then others. We need God in America again and to stay!! Keep the compasion and the love that was hard wired into us as humans!!

  2. We are tried of the lies JOE tears! We don't need to pay taxes anymore in america because we don't have a government.

  3. What a bumbling IDIOT! Welcome to SOCIALISM! How about opening the damn economy and schools? Sleezy joe would rather crash the economy, devalue your dollars and appease his banker buds. NOT SUSTAINABLE JOE!

  4. Hey Biden your a puppet but your ok with that, Aren't you you self interest government civil servant so tell me what have you all you democrats done in your decades of service to we the people except waste tax payer money on stupid impeachments, I see your all afraid of someone to exposé government corruption . I now I seen it when i was in the military those who control the money are self serving it's hard not to steal but when there is no accountability there above the law and the tax payer is a control payed slave. Long live the one percent .

  5. He said 2,,000 dollars should be 2,000 dollars dollars came when Trump was still in office so that shouldn’t even count he said 2000 it should be 2000 !

  6. Destroying the economy, force everyone into poverty, everyone turns to government to save them. One of many paths democrats are using to destroy America. Free money does not exist, at some point everyone will have to pay back all of it with interest. How much interest is decided by the government. So, to all you sheep that believe Biden is helping you, just wait until it all comes crashing down and you loose everything you worked hard to have.

  7. Slow Joe how fast can you go. It’s been over a month, when is it going to happen. Stop the talk and use your magic pen. Don’t wait for them to hash your bill , take action now ( like you said).

  8. Nothing but the old bait and switch! Now after victory, EVERYTHING is complicated and red tape! Wake up people! Rich people only want more riches! The condition and will of the people is IRRELEVANT now to them!

  9. Our country is going to hell fast…..listen to your people….we need help now not when congress to jinks about it for months….how many will be homeless or starving….before you all think about it…

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