Biden: Health care orders undo the damage Trump has done

President Joe Biden is reopening enrollment on the federal Inexpensive Care Act exchanges as a part of two well being care govt actions that he signed Thursday, …

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31 thoughts on “Biden: Health care orders undo the damage Trump has done

  1. WHAAAAHOOOOO!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU hug hug I'm one of your fellow DISABLED Americans Mr. President and I just want to say thank you for bringing accessibility back.

  2. Lair cheater he lied to American s again you voted for this moran while 2000 is no wher near.liar to the rotten core .

  3. Wow, it took President Biden all of 10 days to wipe out the entire Trump legacy. Great job Mr. President. In Joe's defense Trump left more of a stench than a legacy. How could this country ever be considered great when Donald Trump gets 74 million votes? 74 million votes for a man who sh*t on the presidency every chance he got, never took responsibility for anything, blamed Obama, the media and the "deep state" for all his problems, failed on his pandemic response, melted in the presence of Putin, tweeted ridiculous nonsense every day, LIED about a rigged election, continued that LIE for months, raised over 200 million off the backs of the snowflakes who believed that LIE and for his Grand Finale sent a violent mob to the U.S Capitol nearly costing the lives of members of Congress and his own Vice President. #NeverAgain

  4. Haha single mothers cant afford your 300-400 a month "affordable" healthcare plans. It says i dont make enough to even qualify for special rates. I'm too poor

  5. Great! So we have to pay for all you poor bastards again. Get a job, get your own insurance quit stealing from the working class

  6. But , but President Joe Biden insists that Trump left us too exposed to the COVID-19 virus. Biden is fixing that…by opening the southern border to thousands of illegal aliens, during a pandemic. President Biden just wants to help us…I think. He has reasons…I guess.

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