Biden Delivers Remarks On The Economy | NBC News

Watch as President Biden delivers remarks on his administration’s response to the financial disaster and indicators government orders. » Subscribe to NBC Information: …

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31 thoughts on “Biden Delivers Remarks On The Economy | NBC News

  1. People who think this man is going to restore America are even more clueless than the people who thought Trump was going to bring back jobs from China. There is nothing Joe Biden or a Democrat Congress (or any Congress can do to fix all the damage done by the lockdowns and the other restrictions. Small businesses everywhere are closing and growth in Amazon profits is not going to translate into economic growth for the rest of the country. You can't go into a china shop and smash everything and then try and fix it all with a truckload of cement.

    The American Rescue plan bill is not going to rescue anyone except lobbyists. It's going to be more stimulus at the cost of long-term prosperity. Mostly it will be laden with pork and wasteful spending (tepidly agreed to by Republicans as well as Dems) We already saw stimulus in the early Obama era do absolutely nothing. That's why no one remembers the Obama Stimulus Act because it didn't stimulate anything. They even made the ridiculous argument that Obama Care was going to stimulate the economy ffs. We saw how well that worked out. The only beneficiaries there were lobbyists for the health care and insurance industry.

    Democrats are not bringing back jobs people. If you really thought that was going to happen you are probably beyond hope. But hey at least you get to feel good about yourself for a few delusional months.

  2. Give em more money there not going to never wanna go back to work. I have to pay my bills my house payment my bill and work in a highly infected plant where covid is spreading weekly but do I get help nope I have to work and wear my mask and out my life in danger daily make people go back to work open the economy up. You have the vaccine you said I'll fix well I don't see anything being done but alot of talk. Should of kept Trump in office. He is alot better for America

  3. The Congress AND Biden just used this as a way to get elected and now we
    don't matter they are done. They got control House,Biden in ,now it's
    screw us. If you have a kid you may get help,if not nothing. You wont
    hear anymore about it just bandaid solutions targeted at children and
    welfare folk.

  4. Why would Biden deal with immigration first… Because the Senate will then feel obliged to pass matters concerning the US's people -you can't give to illegals and not your food source. Americans would go mad…. He's playing us all

  5. The dumb a$$ himself caused one now.. We were on the mends with the greatest administration the country had ever seen now moron Joe blows that growth in 48 hours…

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