Biden Delivers Remarks On Climate Change | NBC News

Watch stay protection as President Biden delivers remarks on local weather change, creating jobs, and restoring scientific integrity on the White Home. » Subscribe to …

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49 thoughts on “Biden Delivers Remarks On Climate Change | NBC News

  1. I will be a supporter of climate change when you get the fluoride out of the water. Thanks very much for helping clean up air and water.

  2. The Joe Biden administration with full support of the democrats and media are remaking America in to the image of Satan. Wake up people.

  3. Climate change is nothing more than a sin offering of Cain, for sinning against the planet which is payable to Satan and his NWO agenda.

  4. America was founded on terrorism, ask the Natives, Africans, and than since 1776, ask every country around U.S.. If you are serious about ending Terrorism go back in history, and look at who had the money and power in 1776, and go into Ancestry.Com, and see who is in Power and has alot of money today. You will see who all of the Supremacists/Terrorists are. Because the same people who were in charge of Killing Natives, and enslaving Africans, and we're financially successful back than, are the same families that are in charge today. Don't believe me, do the research.

  5. To long indeed, China 🇨🇳 is way in front of us, come on guys, we got to act, and be in the same page 📄. So we may once again, be the leader, in the global markets.

  6. Speak on that laptop, yo son n his sick ways, yo accusations of pedophilia as well. But please stop trying to convince people u are the president with ya counterfeit itinerary 🤮👎 propaganda👎🤮

  7. We the people of the U.S.A. We all are way better off than where we were. Biden, Harris and John kerry knows what they're doing,

  8. the earth is going to get hotter, go read ur Bible. the earth will melt with fervent heat, and there is NOTHING you can do to prevent it. the earth will be destroyed and a new earth is coming 🙂

    Jesus is the way!!!

  9. We've been doing a good job here in Canada, they just increase the costs of everything we purchase to fight against climate change through taxes.

  10. Bank stocks are down over 10% in "JUST ONE WEEK" since Mr Biden's Inauguration… Seems President Trump was right..! Cannot see any good news ahead either… Ohh, What have the people done??

  11. More addle-brain decisions from the Democrats. Read a book. Go to a proper school and complete your knowledge. Talk to a scientist. Do SOMETHING to be able to digest facts and statistics. Jeeez.

  12. Bull hockey!!! Everyday is climate day. It's been this way since God created the Earth 🌎. God is in control. Praise God 🙏

  13. Follow the science? How about following the science when it involves allowing biological males to compete in biological female sports?

    The climate will be great and we will be dead due to the virus or vaccines being tested on people as guinea pigs.

  15. "We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics" – Joe Biden

  16. Everyone that loves this man I say we all get rid of our gas guzzlers and everyone get electric cars & invest in solar panels!!!! Who’s in????
    ……………..”a very small %!” 😏

  17. We need heater lamps at the line to be safe and warm while getting vaccinated. No kids getting cold at the long line. Businesses or Communities please share your heat lamps. 01/27/2021

  18. Talk ,talk not action. How many job created so far – 20,000 jobs.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. We can build better.😂😂😂😂😂 unemployment line 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  19. This Moron sounds exactly like a polished politician that makes everything sound great but will do absolutely NOTHING!! Fu*king FRAUD!

  20. What a fool! He believes he can control the climate! No one even understands the climate well, least of all is capable of controlling it! It reminds me of the middle ages when people believed that witches were able to control the climate.

  21. 1. I love the US joining Western Europe in fighting climate change. It is the aim (however ambitious) to be carbon neutral by the year 2050. 2. He has really large hands, unlike the other orange nightmare.

  22. OH JOY, OH JOY ……. We can go back to getting our petroleum from the wonderful and peaceful Middle East. Of course we will have to send our military back there to protect the Saudis, and send them more $Trillions to buy their oil. Thank You President Biden. Gasoline prices are already starting to rise. Where will it end? $5/gal?

  23. Finally a Real President with real ideas 💡 and facts !!!
    God bless you Mr. President Biden !!!
    Gods bless this nation and the world 🌍

  24. This is My President!!! Climate Crisis is the foremost important issue we face because we are at a point where another straw might break the campel's back. We have limited time to act before it is TOO late!

  25. It all sounds great and comforting BUT, we still do not have enough people in the senate to make a difference. People on the left need to stop thinking the president is the fixer of all they want to happen. The senate and congress is far more important. If only democrats would actually vote in the these races as passionately as they do the presidential races, things might actually get done. Why they do not get this is beyond me. Oh and one other thing, Biden talks about all the great things he plans on the environment but states he won't ban fracking. Yeah that makes sense. I'm all for most of what he says but I find it very hard to be all "ra ra" when there are so many in the senate who will fight to dismantle all of this, and in two years….they'll probably have a majority again because democratic voters do not get this simple concept.

  26. what about the people he is putting out of work ……they will have plenty of time to breathe fresh air and eat grass will they ?

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