Biden continues push for new coronavirus relief plan

President Biden is constant to induce Republicans to endorse his new coronavirus aid plan. Republicans, nevertheless, are involved about $1.9 trillion price ticket.

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35 thoughts on “Biden continues push for new coronavirus relief plan

  1. This election was complete BS. For the "most popular President ever" it is damn near impossible to find any video referencing Biden that has any positive comments for him or a higher like to dislike ratio.

  2. The delay is due to quid pro quo joe working out the kickback details to the big guy. Hunter is busy rubbing up to china for another loan to make us even more in debt while identifying corrupt countries and setting up bogus corporations and charities for the laundering.

  3. ❤️❤️BIDEN 2021❤️❤️❣️President with a Plan!America’s Most loved President in the History of Time! We support you Biden- put our government to work!

  4. ❤️❤️BIDEN 2021❤️❤️❣️President with a Plan!America’s Most loved President in the History of Time! We support you Biden- put our government to work!

  5. Biden is a puppet owned by China and doing the bidding of the far left.
    Biden will not last a year and Kammy knee pads is chomping for his seat in the oval.

  6. It’s our money the Republicans made it seems like it’s their money. Well I say next election cycle throw the bums out. Vote every Republican/Democrat out of office that didn’t support a COVID relief plan.

  7. Biden is the worst President in US History. He lied about giving us the $2,000 stimulus. He lied about having a plan for Covid. He is not running the country; someone else is and that's why they are still forcing people to take tests and wear masks, even after having the "vaccine." The virus has a 98% RECOVERY RATE but every day, all we hear is about who dies from it, never who recovered. OPEN UP YOUR EYES AMERICA! They are collecting DNA samples for a global database.

  8. Nasty, illegitimate, liar. You should be ashamed of yourself for calling him President. You look ridiculous trying to hoist him up like this. Shame on you for being so weak

  9. Signed an extreme amount of executive orders that hurt Americans all in the lie of unity and normalcy. Seems more like dictatorship

  10. Republicans have no problem with a relief package. It's all the hidden left wing pork that we refuse to pay for,

    Examples ` $15,000,000 to Pakistani gender programs, funding to study the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama, funding for Race Riot Studies in Illinois, funding to educate consumers on the danger of portable fuel canisters, $40,000.000 for maintenance of the Kennedy Center, $86 million for assistance to Cambodia; $130 million to Nepal, $135 million to Burma, $453 million to Ukraine, $700 million to Sudan. And get this one, ONE BILLION DOLLARS for a Latino Museum at the Smithsonian.

    Sorry clowns, we're not going to sign anything to find out what's in it.


  12. BS. Wear 2 masks isn’t a damn plan, it’s just away to boost chinas pope sales. When does the corn husk get a physical? We are 50 EOs in and don’t even know if that corpse knows what he is signing.

  13. Here We Go Again People Donald The Virus Trump Strikes Again With His Catastrophic Leftovers from the deadliest day in us history 2020 memorial day when Trump made the biggest mistake in United States History and.changed are way of life forever and caused the Worst Crisis in Modern history to America and the World and pushed are resources government and medical care to the breaking point on unimaginable levels never seen before and counting with new Deadlier mutations exploding across the planet and no end in sight just more bodies to add to the worst American Genocide in modern history caused by none other than the new modern Hitler of are Lifetimes Donald The Virus Trump the biggest failure and national embarrassment to ever step foot on are planet and even after he's.gone like Steve Schmidt says and countless others the damage is done and there's no putting the genie back in the bottle or Pandora's Box can't be put back in on that memorial day where everything still had fighting chance to contain it in the northeast

  14. Mr Trumpademic leftover damage= Health Crisis with 443,000 Dead and 26 Million infected around the country and the new deadly strain killing americans at a staggering 30 people an hour now and no end in sight and are medical care and resources pushed to the breaking point and way of life forever changed. Economic Crisis = Are Country pushed back to Great Depression Levels haven't seen in 120 years with 27 Million Unemployed and 9 Trillion in debt and rising at the worst rate ever seen in us history with the most worst job loss in presidental history at a staggering 15 Million jobs lost in only 5 months like Obama said in florida in October speech Housing Crisis = The highest eviction rate ever seen in are Lifetimes at a astonishing 45 Million Evicted and Homeless for the holidays and sick with Covid dieing on the streets and no where to go or hide in the darkest winter in Modern History like Fauci said it was going to be only much worse because of new deadly strain and spreading faster than last time and much more stronger and agressive after mutation. World Crisis = 2,204,234 Million Dead and 90 Million infected around the Globe 🌎 and Mankind's way of life on the pushed back to Great Depression Levels and are planet turned into a mass grave yard as bodies keep piling up at 1 Million Dead every 3 months another million of the human race wiped off the map and more Deadlier and stronger mutations keep forming because of it first uk now africa

  15. It's to bad Biden has to clean up the worst Health Economic Housing Homeless and World Crisis in Modern History and start to put the shattered pieces of america and the World back together again instead of being able to focus on new projects and new future plans of are Nation and new Modern rail highway to finally jump are Country to the future America we always wanted in the year 2000 on those past new years and where we might have been if JFK lived and finally took us to what the real America was supposed be in the future and prevented the worst president in us history Donald The Virus Trump from changing history again and causing the worst Health Economic Housing Homeless and World Crisis in Modern History and are way pushed back to Great Depression Levels haven't seen in 120 years and Mankind's future now hangs in the balance of healthy decisions or catastrophic mistakes and repeating the past over and over again until planet earth says that's enough just like every other species that's now apart of it

  16. Biden should pass relief with the provision that those represented by Senators that vote against it should not be forced to receive it.

  17. Even 45 supporters should be push their State Representatives to do all they can so this relief bill passes through Congress

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