Biden Considering Limiting Eligibility For Stimulus Checks, Angering Democrats | NBC News NOW

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39 thoughts on “Biden Considering Limiting Eligibility For Stimulus Checks, Angering Democrats | NBC News NOW

  1. Hair plugs Biden just wants to make sure he gets 10% cut to the big guy from all stimulus checks. TPP Joe, China called they want 10 million more good paying US worker jobs. Just like old times.

  2. MAKE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS GREAT AGAIN! – Thanks Joe for putting Illegals first! Stolen election, America did not vote for Biden!

  3. Truth is it’s AMERICA versus WHITE SUPREMACY and SYSTEMATIC RACISM…. and
    IF Mr. Trump and his Constituents don’t face harsh punishment… THERE’S NO MORE AMERICA 🇺🇸 in the eyes of the NATIONS CITIZENRY or THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY….
    MB • 2021-™️®️©️

  4. if we were to teach the people how to have a way to make an income to have a lifestyle of nonviolence so as not to have to resort to crime of any sorts, perhaps there could be security without the use of weapons, but until we as a species can get past the violent tendencies in our own DNA, violent crimes won't stop, so the true question isn't about an inanimate object that requires the actions of physical movent to induce its behavior, shouldn't we be addressing how people are treated when they are subjected to the morbid atrocities within any jail or prison that the actual jailers do to people all because there is no retribution back towards their unconstitutional implication of their own mental instabilities, perhaps making the elderly the apex of the judicial system instead of at the bottom, would eventually bring a balance to society, linage and hierarchy would be protected, abolish all partyisms, make it easier to fire politicians that clearly do wrong, base pay all politicians on $15 hr, at the end of their term they get paid accordingly for their psition after a quam on their performances, just like us all, no more secret pay raises down in the house basement on double overtime, no more duel representation from partys which would cut the buget of payroll in half, what about the $680 million-trillion in unpaid back subsidies ???? how about not giving 40 million to other foreign countries to pay to build their walls? all this money recklessly spent should of and could have been housed in motels and hotels, pfft it could of bought a house for every American, but until segregation is finally abolished in the house and the senate, or until we get rid of all the "Wasters of public funding" using taxpayers money for non-taxpayers, how is there going to be a resolve ????? coronavirus or not the earth will do what it needs to live first, man-made or not, this is a real warning that she may revert the planet back to plant life and start over.

  5. that is a very true statement and he is doing that because no f**** body has received anything as far as a third check some people have not even gotten the first one yet b*****

  6. These politicians forget they work for us..its OUR tax dollars, not their money. They are elected to represent what we want..we are their bosses..yet they act as tho they are doing us a favor giving us a pittance of our own money back. At the same time deciding to spend even more of it in other countries and on ridiculous extra crap that benefits none of us during covid. ..thats OUR tax dollars..thats money we earned! They need to be transparent and remember their place. Pelosi doesnt feed us as she claimed. We actually feed her butt..that ice cream comes from our wages.

  7. Biden, Modi all other world leaders just fool tax payers and people who voted.. Just fooling nothing else. Impeachment is greater importance than supporting people's economic condition.

  8. Biden limiting stimulus checks to US taxpayers but giving freebees to illegal aliens. Nice! Why does Biden hates US taxpayers? We pay your salary, Biden.

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