Biden backing citizenship for 11M illegal immigrants: White House

White Home press secretary Jen Psaki reaffirmed throughout a press briefing that the Biden administration is supporting a proposed path to citizenship for 11 million …

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45 thoughts on “Biden backing citizenship for 11M illegal immigrants: White House

  1. Im in the middle, and trust me I don't wish illegal immigration to any country. I strongly believe in "you get what you earn", I worked hard to get here legally and pay my taxes. It must be very difficult, if not impossible, to track and deport all millions of illegal aliens in the USA but a path to citizenship sounds reasonable only if the alien passes background checks and is ruled as a potential asset (or to have great value) as a member of our society, if they are just gonna be subsidize by the government then they shouldn't get it.

    And if that isn't a good enough moral reason then how about you think of your own? 30M Americans unemployed and Democrats still prioritizing illegal immigrants to get jobs? Liberals forget that being "American" doesn't isolate to only the white-men, it means a conjunction of all ethnicities and cultures into one big family….a LEGAL family.

  2. why are you so scared of migrants crossing the border in search of a better future. you cry about our tax dollars being wasted but wont say a word about the amount of money we spend on war, dropping bombs on brown people for their natural resources like oil for example.we have money for war but not for the common man just trying to make a living. im not talking about free money im talking about actual living wages. the rich throw crumbs at the working class. telling me the richest country on the planet cannot not provide health care and college like the country north of us that we cant pay our workers enough for a decent living. they want us fighting each other instead of looking at whos really in charge. the same people who own cnn own fox they own msnbc they own our politicians, they own the military industrial complex. you see its not "socialism" or antifa and its not the far right.. Its Not A Left Right Issue. IT IS A TOP DOWN ISSUE [meaning the super wealthy and the mediocre/poor working class].its us against the 1% but us humans are too tribal acknowledge this and would rather fight each other.

  3. His first 100 days full of disaster (Stimulus Check, Vaccine, Piplelines, Schools and Businesses, Power Outage, illegal Immigrants, Green New Deal (Bad Idea), Gender Policy, Cuomo's Covid-19 Scandal (enough evidence, 15k died, time to Jail), Reps VS Dems (Where's the Unity?) et al. Really arrogant. Seemed and looked like securing future votes for the next election. Help your own fellow American first before you help others! First and foremost, Stimulus Check and Vaccine are needed now for this situtation. Just saying… AMERICA FIRST.

  4. ❤ Trump-was and is the best president in the whole world and nothing change that! The whole world loves him! ❤
    Greetings from Europe!

  5. How can you adopt another children if your parents itself has no enough room to live and to feed your own children but to rely on the government borrowed.??? Why ??? Why you let your children suffer working Iike a dog and let the adopted sleep and enjoy..making babies ???

  6. George W. Bush had the best idea. We don't want them here. They don't want to be here. We just need them to pick our crops and go home. They want to work and go home to Mexico. Guest worker program.

  7. No Country does what your President is doing,every Country allows people in legally,and has Borders,crazy times in your great Country, watching from New Zealand in horror.

  8. well they been here all this time. they been working for rep's tax free all this time. but if you make them legal the rep;s will either pay their taxes on income . but i bet rep's will just go get more tax free help. what you all think?

  9. Wake up people we do not matter
    No such thing as for the people by the people take money out of politics and make term limits on these hypocrites thieves and liars

  10. 8 year plan, just in time for the end of his term if he has 2. 11 million more votes to people who will vote simply for the person that got them in.

  11. I thought republicans liked the legal path to citizenship, 8 years is a long time to get citizenship.

    Republicans are domestic terrorists who hate this country.

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