Biden announces purchase of more doses of Pfizer, Moderna vaccines | WNT

President Joe Biden introduced his administration has secured 200 million extra COVID-19 vaccine doses, which can arrive this summer time. This may guarantee …

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31 thoughts on “Biden announces purchase of more doses of Pfizer, Moderna vaccines | WNT

  1. Come on abc play the whole bit where he says it's enough to vaccinate 300 Americans. Not only once but twice, math is hard.

  2. Breaking news. Exclusive. War time effort. Your body has 380 trillion viruses. That’s a lot of vaccines ahead. Green jobs. States, tribes, and territories. Governors, mayors, and local leaders. Efficient basis.

  3. I don't understand why people are putting something in them that they don't even know what is going to result in, this vaccine has not been long enough tested.

  4. So far Joe Biden's doing a bang-up job destroying the American economy destroying American jobs getting the vaccine out there you're going to be begging for Donald Trump back

  5. Why all the thumbs down for the world's most Popular US president. Why does the world's most Popular president need thousands of soldiers to protect him not from a foreign enemy but from the voters who elected him?

  6. chimerica Biden in Action. Ukraine wants biden for Felony Theft and Treason while his crack head son takes bribes and launders money.
    Then we have the corrupt criminals who work for China at the FBI to protect these treasonous criminals.! FBI needs to be shut down, all agents arrested for Treason!

  7. I wonder if these fear-mongering, panic-inducing news anchors are happy with their careers, their lives, and their mentality.

    Could you imagine putting all the work to study journalism, only to sell out and become a puppet….?

  8. Everyone needs to know the deal with Biden and China. BIDEN, PERSONALLY, IS HEAVILY INVESTED IN CHINESE ENERGY COMPANIES!!! You shouldn't be surprised at what he is doing to decimate the US energy sector. This creaton placed fraudulently in the white house has a major pay to play scheme going on with China that he gains finacially from. Wake the hell up people!!

  9. So Joe doesn't like the term China disease?? Well thats where it came from and President Trump just told it like it was..China Disease!!!

  10. Just my opinion stop it appears to me we have a career politician possibly corrupt one with no good plan for America moving forward come on election cycle out he will go 🙂🇺🇸🇺🇸☺️ swamp is getting deeper

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