Biden administration making world a 'dangerous place'

Sky Information host James Morrow says he’s “not significantly optimistic” the Biden administration has a deal with of what’s going on on the planet because it was extra …

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36 thoughts on “Biden administration making world a 'dangerous place'

  1. U know what? getting oil from a sustainable country is better than importing oil from the middle east. this is why trump resume the xl pipeline project so he can pulled out American troops from the middle east from guarding the oil plant and getting oil from Canada it is cheaper and much sustainable because it is just next door and Canada have a strict environmental regulation

  2. Lets go out to the limb no one wants to climb onto. Biden was installed. Unlike the Don who was elected legally. This might be the biblical End Times read in Revelations as given to the Apostle John. Satan was loosed from the pit for a short while to do his worst. This gives people time to come to God, the Lord Jesus or refute his reality and power. Read the blueprint and know history and what might be.

  3. Trump tries to steal the election and these clowns toed that line, so pathetic it's laughable, 'we gonna walk down and storm the capital' but is now where to be seen

  4. Lol Murdoch is really ramping up the right wing propaganda.trump is worthless and failed…his cult are the poorest.most drug addicted least educated least employed most criminal demographic in the west…they are only ppl who are slow and weak enough to buy his imagined victim hood…look at the sycophants in this comment section.. remember left wing counties, countries and states feed your children and don't ever forget your place

  5. america is sold! china laughs! americans should have made trump america's first monarch. china will not change leadership for a long time, so does russia, so does turkey, so does india, so does all other powerful country except america? hahaha! funny right!?

  6. These people like Mr Biden and the Clintons want more war and chaos in this world…
    They want people to depend more on governments. Power Control is where they create their wealth.. Evil intentions fraudsters

  7. American pie :))) there's going to be a lot of Steve stifler's wanting to wear those gurls dress o myyy myyyy myyy ….The Country of usa parliament Baphomet worshippers .. stiflerssss lol

  8. Re pipeline… why building something that will soon be obsolete. What Biden says about creating new jobs that look into what we need in the future, and moving those workers to build new more future-proof ventures makes a lot of sense to me. It's like asking builders to build more chimneys when other forms of heating systems cleaner and also better for the environment.

  9. Trump is the biggest fraud of a leader and this is the shit Aussies worry about??? Doesn’t sound too Aussie to me to cry about an American leader


  11. There is a right wing and there is a left wing and people, who lead normal lives from both the right and left, have the same worries and say the same things about whoever is their political opposition leader. We all have a rather biased newsfeed that puts fear and often nonsense in our heads. We can all be educated people with independent thought but often the same worries. If you buy one newspaper it can tell you one side of a story, the political opposite newspaper can tell you the other side, after both sides of the story are known you can then most likely be less worried. Your emotional investment sells news and the people that own the news can control outcomes particularly with their own ideas of success.

  12. Trump, Biden, etc have different priorities. Why not bring back all past presidents to form a national politburo committee to run the country? Learn from the CCP.

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