Beyond impeachment: Trump also faces several criminal and civil probes

Former President Donald Trump is dealing with quite a lot of ongoing state prison and civil investigations into his conduct each earlier than and through his time within the White …

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29 thoughts on “Beyond impeachment: Trump also faces several criminal and civil probes

  1. Trump is the first US president to be: impeached twice, responsible for 400,000 American deaths (Covid-19), in charge of the largest economic collapse.
    Next: The first US president to go to jail.

  2. Wrong conduct is never an excuse for justice. A person can carry out some good deeds and then commit a serious crime. Do those good deeds cover over the crime that that person committed? Of course not. Committing a crime is a crime, it's not justice. That would be like calling day night and night day. A criminal always has to lie to cover his or her tracks, but the truth always remains the same, it never changes. So in Donald John Trump's case, he committed a very serious crime of inciting an insurrection on the capital in Washington DC, and because of his influence with the crowd to march on restricted grounds that was trespassing, that in itself was breaking the law. No one should be above the law not even the president of the United States of America! Due to Donald Trump's wealth and popularity he has gotten by with many crimes in his past. What happened on January 6, 2021, was inexcusable criminal behavior. Ex-president Donald J Trump must've thought that he could get by with this crime as well. When will justice ever be served in this twisted wicked evil government that resides over all of us in America? It needs to stop and this man needs to be brought to justice for his crimes because if he is not held accountable for this crime it will only pave the way for other criminal behavior inside of the government of the United States of America. The sad part of all of this is, he probably will get by with this as well because the government that we live under is bias and performs many unfair votes that protect them from their criminal activity! I hope people remember this when it comes to voting time again!

  3. Trump needs to be indicted at the state level now more than ever.
    If he's not brought down with a conviction, his base will only get stronger, thinking he's invincible. Convicting him will let his base know that he is not above the law and that he's not God Almighty.
    That is what they believe right now, and there is a danger that he may somehow regain power in 2022. Christ, there is even a danger that his daughter in law could get elected in some capacity in 2022.
    America is in peril as long as Trumpism is alive and well. Defeat it before it's too late.

  4. The mob boss will be spending tons of money for lawyers to protect him in civil courts. His past will come back to find him guilty of several crimes. Prison is on the horizon. He'll pay for those crimes dearly. Trump won't reveal his taxes for a reason. He's a criminal!

  5. i don't want to hear 'it's going to be years of investigations.' get it done now!!! we have the right to justice & we demand it!!

  6. Everybody ,had to follow the gods law and order .nobody has above the gods law,other wise none of them has no freedom because it is written fight and ruining the country because no one can humble with god .

  7. You dont need years of investigation on a 30 minute phone call that was recorded. You assemble a grand jury. You explain the laws and get people to understand the laws on the books including the bogus criminal threats on extortion and then you play the damn tape and you get an indictment vote and you got years to investigate if needed or you take him to trial just on the tape. Simple like that !

  8. Ab6c sucks! Nobody believes you . Liars fake news. Th facts are abc pushed a fake election like fake planes on 91. I hope all you bastards go to prions for beingbtraitors. No cop was killed he died the next day

  9. I wonder how the trump rioters feel when trump's minions get on TV and proclaim trump's innocence while putting the blame onto them?

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