Bethesda News! – STARFIELD Discovery! Armor & Equipment System!

I breakdown the most recent discovery relating to Starfield and the way the armor and tools system would possibly work! Grow to be an Unique Channel Member right here on …

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26 thoughts on “Bethesda News! – STARFIELD Discovery! Armor & Equipment System!

  1. Mixing armor pieces is kind-of a must-have for me. Maybe Beth is about to go back to separate leg pieces, clothing beneath armor and pauldrons in TES VI if you could pick that many different pieces of eq in Starfield.

  2. The fact that it's a game from an entirely new franchise, but there are already people so eager to see it that someone actually noticed this, is already a sign that it's going to be a very well-recieved game if it comes close to Bethesda's previous work on main games.

  3. Hi skullzi, I have been watching your channel for about a year now and I just want to say thank you. I started playing Skyrim about 5 years ago and really enjoyed it. Then at the start of the year I found one of your videos. A little while later I found myself delving into the lore of elder scrolls, and eventually fallout, and played all the older elder scrolls and fallout games. But that's just the long way of saying thank you skullzi, for giving me a deeper love and understanding of my favorite game series. Happy New Year!! 😊

  4. Hey Man, Mrmattyplays brought me to your channel. I really appreciate you showing your face, it puts a face to the creativity. If you hadn't done the switch I may have just left the channel.

  5. I hope the gear system is a more complex than atleast Fallout 3/New Vegas. So atleast Fallout 4 level of gear layering.

  6. I'm so freaking excited for Starfield, Hope its not another Cyberpunk lol. Best of wishes and keep up the awesome work Skullzi

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