Best New Cry Iron Auto Farm in Roblox Islands

Displaying you methods to make this superb new crystallized iron or cry iron auto farm that was found by Creationer, in Roblox Islands. Try Creationer’s …

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27 thoughts on “Best New Cry Iron Auto Farm in Roblox Islands

  1. One of the best feelings in the world is when your favorite youtuber shouts you out. Thankyou dv!
    btw fast pick can work, but you'll need to build the start point higher up depending on how fast you mine. you also will need to adjust the mouse differently.

  2. I hope everyone has a great beginning to 2021! Please be safe and spread kindness… we all need it. Support and sub (:

  3. Hey dv Unrelated I’m wondering if u could give your word on the current state of islands because I’m not getting as many people on my island as I used to and it’s harder to make buck.

  4. anyone or new players when he says blinking it means the iron totem spawns and despawns meaning brings back and gets rid or the iron ore a few times

  5. its gonna be very useful for me cuz i play islands a lot and my friends need the randomizers and they also need drills but now its gonna be ez er and let me to get more stuff but doesn't starting high up makes it longer and get more?

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