Barstool Coney Island Rivalry – Lafayette vs American (Detroit, MI)

Dave is in Detroit reviewing one of the old skool, deep seated rivalries in all of sports activities… and chili canine… Obtain The One Chunk App to see extra and …

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32 thoughts on “Barstool Coney Island Rivalry – Lafayette vs American (Detroit, MI)

  1. It's funny when Dave caught them in a lie and then they say it's photoshopped. Just by that guys actions you know he's lying.

  2. How do you not like hot dogs that way. Capitol Lunch, New Britain CT. We get them by the dozen; mustard onion sauce is “everything”. Come on you’re from New England I know they have this in Rhode Island too!

  3. Most of the time foreigners usually lie….it's in there blood….worked with alot over the years and the stories are so outrageous it just makes you laugh

  4. lady: "it takes a lot to excite me and get me excited… you did it"

    I knew that hug lasted a little longer than a normal hug should have.

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