Bardstown Bourbon Company Discovery Series 4 Review!

The Discovery three was a well-liked launch amongst many bourbon reviewers, bloggers and even myself because it made my high 10 of 2020 after having it late final yr.

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33 thoughts on “Bardstown Bourbon Company Discovery Series 4 Review!

  1. Man I wish I could find a bottle of this around. I've actually never seen Bardstown here at all. Great review here buddy. Cheers J

  2. Hi Jason. Great Review. I bounced around Long Island, found bottles of D4 priced from 155 to 210. I grabbed a couple to share with my bourbon crew. ? If u had to choose between Four Gate or Bardstown where u leaning? Thanks Vic

  3. Great review. I personally think this Bourbon is a little overrated. It’s a very good Bourbon and Discovery 4 does have a fantastic nose, mine is heavy cherry, vanilla and sweet oak on the nose. But on the pallet it’s not Btac level Bourbon like some youtubers have stated. To me the back half of this Bourbon on the pallet is exactly like the older Knob creek store picks that have been available the last couple years. I think there is a lot of vintage Beam in this blend. It’s a good Bourbon for sure, just don’t think at $130 dollars and having to hunt for it that it’s gonna blow you away like people think. At least not my bottle or that has been my experience. Anyway great review like always and keep up the great videos Jason.

  4. I put this up there with stagg jr batch 15, 2020 GTS, and the jdsbbp rye…it just gets better every time i pour a glass of it…my favorite bourbon right now…fantastic review as well!

  5. Great review! FYI it's Beam – the old bones bottle discloses it was distilled in Frankfort – the only distilleries old enough to have 15 yr. stock in Frankfort are BT or Beam. It's definitely not BT, so Beam it is!

  6. I have a theory this mystery 15 is beam. The mashbill is the same as KC just increased corn over barley. They had an abundance of off profile sib store picks at 15. And most of these that ndps habe are lower than the 120 proof for them to sell it as an sib. Im thinking its the last of that off profile 15 year stock.

  7. Great reviews as always Jason. If you could only pick one of these options, at MSRP, do you get 1 Discovery 4 or do you get 2 bottles of JD Single Barrel Rye? Need to look for one of these options.

  8. Love the video! My first impression with 3 vs 4 agreed with your comparison. I've got a live stream of all 4 side-by-side coming soon so looking forward to figuring out which one reigns supreme!

  9. This was supposed to arrive at my house this morning but the delivery came at 6:20am when I was in the shower… grrr. Hopefully I can pick it up tomorrow.

  10. I’m going to Bardstown in a few weeks and I am HYPED. Had some Fusion and Discovery already but I’m ready to get some of their finished bottles and new projects they have going on.

  11. Great informative review. I was wondering what your opinion is on the Series 2? I can't seem to find any reputable reviews of it, and a store by me has it. Appreciate the input. Cheers🥃

  12. Where the hell do people find this?!?!?!? Not a SINGLE store of any size in SC that I’ve been in even knows about this juice!!!! NOT ONE!!!! 🤬🤬🤬

  13. Thanks for explaining the mystery mash bill. I know we have had some discussion on RareBird’s discord channel, but this nails it! The Discovery comparison was also very helpful.

  14. For the love of God Jason please eliminate the background music. I get the marketing to the short attention span generation but the music totally takes the focus off the content…Content which i imagine u put time and effort to put together. The music makes it cheesy and over takes the presentation. No music is better imo but if u had to play something…play some soft classical and at a much lower volume. Love the show no matter what u do…long time watcher and fellow connoisseur…just thought i would throw in my 2 cents.

  15. Went to the distillery last weekend. Tried 3 and 4 side by side. I had the same experience you had. The first sip I was not impressed but after going back for the second and the third it opened up and go a lot better. I still bought #3 but will be going back for #4. Couldn’t let the wife know I dropped 280 at heaven hill right before and then another 300 at bardstown bourbon right after! Lol!

  16. Tried Discovery 3 this weekend. It was pretty solid. I'd be tempted to buy it at a regular retail price. But wouldn't go way over

  17. Have you seen the "Master Picke Bourbon Release #3" They spell out a 15 year old with the 78.5% corn based mashbill, and state it is 15 year Jim Beam Distillate.

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