Bangladesh: Rohingya refugees happy with the facilities on Bhasan Char Island| English News

Final week Bangladesh began relocating Rohingya Refugees to Bhasan Char Island, regardless of of the objection raised by a number of worldwide organisations.

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44 thoughts on “Bangladesh: Rohingya refugees happy with the facilities on Bhasan Char Island| English News

  1. Can India do something like this for Hindu and Sikhs refugees who came from Pakistan and Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

  2. There are 54 muslim countries…majority of them are rich by all standards they can absorb all the Rohingias on the planet earth but except The Bengali speaking Muslim Bangladesh no one is helping them…where is the great teachings of Islam gone..? I think there are two types of Muslims on the planet earth White and Black.Since most of the Rohingias are black they are looked down upon by the white muslims.. this is the stark reality which the world don't want to accept. Look at the Syrian Muslims they are getting all attention from Germany to the white Latin American countries.Colour of your skin does matter , otherwise how come that white Afghans are cosily settled in Delhi and no one has any problem with it. Strange are the ways of human response.

  3. A shitty journalists like Arnab taking dig at Bangladesh, when rohinga's are fighting with life….. Arnab was saying " Bangladesh, malaysia, indonesia,Pakistan none of this Muslim country aren't going to take those rohinga in There country. Only india will help those rohinga but where is the place for those rohinga to live. Bjp modi party will find a situations ".. After all this bulshit Bangladesh Helped those rohinga and other muslim country helped as well with Money and foods

  4. Islam when in minority – "we are victim,
    we want secularism, we want equal rights, we want special status, we want facilities"
    Islam when in majority – "there will be no secularism, we won't allow people of other religions to practice their culture and traditions, let's burn down their temples, let's convert everyone forcefully, we will throw stones at you"
    This is the main ideology of the peaceful religion 👏👏👏👏

  5. No other way to keep Ruhingyas isolated except Vashan chor island.Neither they can escape from there nor make any trouble situation. They will have to live there under the surveillance by Bangladesh govt. administration..It's a good initiative of Bangladesh govt.But considering the finacial aspect,it's a huge burden for this poor country.

  6. this was funded by Bangladesh not UN money… this is why when the UN asked Bangladesh to let them come an see the Island Bangladesh said no because the UN did not help the rehabilitation of the Rohinga people… its cost 350 million dollars so far an another 200 million more on material food etc go an check it out before spill hatred about a country that has done great for such a humanitarian crisis the biggest in the world… 1.3 million refugees come in one go aint a small matter an now for them to go out their way an do this is remarkable… i applaud the Bangladeshi government if all the nations of the world were like this for sure there would be much lesser pain & suffering, we should uplift humanity not dump them especially at such crisis!!! May Allah (God) bless Bangladesh an all the Charitable foundation around the world providing humanitarian aid 24/7 365 days… year in year out world wide assisting….👏👏👏👏

  7. Now that houses are available.
    The Bangladeshi govt. Should make a deal with them only that people will stay who will give only 2 kinds in family not more than that.
    So that they don't populated more than their facilities👍🏻

  8. Bangladesh is on a path to be the most rapidly developing country in the world ..They are literally doing everything right .

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