Bangladesh moves nearly 2,000 Rohingya refugees to remote island

About 1800 Rohingya refugees are being relocated to the island of Bhasan Char off Bangladesh, regardless of human rights teams elevating considerations in regards to the …

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44 thoughts on “Bangladesh moves nearly 2,000 Rohingya refugees to remote island

  1. Whatever Bangladesh did for these Rohingyas not a single country did that. But UN and other aid agencies are trying to keep this issue alive as long as possible.

  2. Seems like Mr. Tanvir Chowdhury lives in other planets. He knows what is the truth but he's always reporting in negative way.

  3. Bangladeshi is doing a lot for Rohingya's which the UN and other countries who are criticising did not do. It is better that whoever talks against this should rather keep quite than to speak.

  4. 영국이 가해자이고 미얀마와로 힝야가 영국이 처리해야하는 희생자입니다. 영국은 로힝 야족이 방글라데시에 정착 할 땅을 제공해야합니다.Britain is the perpetrator and Myanmar and Rohingya are the victims that Britain has to deal with. Britain must provide land for the Rohingya to settle in Bangladesh.

  5. Where is turkey, qatar , pakisthan savior of islamic peoples stop blaming bangladesh their are doing maximum they can

  6. They facing problem for being Muslim..they never wanna leave islam..

    Muslim including me must be ashamed we are not helping them atleast Bangladesh did that.. may allah bless Bangladesh

    Why ee can't give Arakan state to them from burmi..

    Create their own army let them fight and other Muslim countries must help train them

  7. QATAR, Kuwait,UAE ,Saudia should collaborate with India to provide them sustainable refuge in Andaman and Nicobar .These rich nations can do this philanthropy easily.

  8. International Communities are criticizing rather than doing something for Rohingya. If international communities along with Aljazeera have a better plan for them, show something for sending them back to their country or determine any country to send and take a proper decision to make them happy. I think Govt has taken a proper decision that will at least give the Rohingya peace. Many migrants, in Bosnia, living in Harsh winter which make everyone sad, they're not residing peacefully.

  9. UN needs to be dissolved .. They just speak speak speak speak with no action … Atleast they can support the country with dealing this crisis…
    I am not a Bangladeshi but I am happy that they are doing something atleast .. Other Muslim countries or their brotherhood doing nothing ..

  10. Why to criticize bangladesh? If you really care about rohingyas take them to your country. In fact bangladesh should be credited for allowing these refugees to live in the country.

  11. The fact that there even needs to be a long term solution just goes to show u the utter failure of UN and the international community

  12. Bangladesh government take a good decision. Myanmar must take back Rohingya refugees to there country, Rohingya people creating problem for Bangladesh.

  13. thats d best bangladeshi has done so far, atleast thy r providing something to these unlucky poor refugees, UN has done nothing UN is just a bunch of crooks..

  14. Insha Allah we unite for sharia law and a caliphate state .
    For la ilaha il Allah muhammeden rasul Allah 🤲🤲
    No to democracy and secularism ⛔

  15. Boycott french 🇫🇷 products ☝️🕋
    No one can insult our prophet ☝️
    1. L'ORÉAL
    2. DANONE
    3. Ubisoft Games
    4. NESTLÉ (production)
    6. Peugeot / Renault
    MANY MORE ☝️

  16. Time for Qatar to finally step up and contribute. Qatar has so far never accepted a single refuge but instead endorsed the kafala system , or modern day slavery, for expats. Send the Rohingya to Qatar.

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