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38 thoughts on “Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas

  1. I almost died on the crazy river. At the near end, there is a very fast part with a bunch of rocks, however I wanted to go on the slide through the other path. I jump off my tube and try pulling my mom towards it and then I almost got sucked in to the rocks but the life guards saved me

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  3. nope.. I cant do it. Just going down that slide I would shit myself. I cannot do sharks or any of this bullshit. Screw Atlantis, I hate that whole resort.

  4. I hope the sharks and other marine life are well taken care of. That was a lot of sharks, What if a child were to fall into the wrong pool?

  5. Those gorgeous sharks and marine life must be MISERABLE in those small aquariums. Poor things. I dont see how you people can be so blind to support a hotel that tortures these animals and ENJOY watching them? Clearly the aquariums are too small for these animals to be held in captivity. Sharks dont live long in captivity. It's like jail. they are MISERABLE. Open your eyes people.

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