At least 6 dead in massive I-35 wreck in Fort Worth, Texas

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26 thoughts on “At least 6 dead in massive I-35 wreck in Fort Worth, Texas

  1. I really have nothing to say on this, I’m just praying and sending all my love to the family members of people who are in the hospital, as well as sending my regards to the people who lost someone in this tragic event.

  2. Wow. I just don't get it. I live in Alaska and we just know how to drive to the condition even in 6 feet of snow. I feel so bad for the families. Prayes to all!

  3. Imagine seeing this in person, I wouldn't really be screaming and crying even though I dont know those people but it's still sadddd

  4. & this is why no matter who I’m driving with, I tell them to leave more space in between them and the car in front of them (if need be). Call me a backseat driving idrc 🤷🏻‍♀️ sending love and light to everyone involved in this accident. Please stop tailgating everyone ): a good rule I learned in drivers Ed is once the car in front of you passes a marker of some kind, count to three & that’s at least how long it should take for you to reach that same marker. Also does anyone know why the cops didn’t come from behind the accident and do that thing where they drive slowly from the farthest left lane to the farthest right lane to slow everybody behind them down? …is that only a California thing or something? Or did they do that and it just didn’t work?

  5. Worst part is most of those people had no clue they would be getting smashed again from behind. If they knew to get out as soon as they crashed and run over the barrier to get away they probably would have been safer, but nobody is gonna crash and immediately open the door and start running. Im always so worried about getting hit from behind by a big rig like that and this just reassures why I am. Such a tragedy, slow down people. Just because you think your good, dont mean you are.

  6. Ok how is only 6 people people dead?Like with that big of a pileup how is it that number?But,Rest In Peace for the people who lost their lives and i hope that more people got to safety in time.

  7. As a survivor of a terrible black ice accident (car slipped at the end of a bridge and tumbled into a those highway ditches), I can only hope for a steadfast recovery for those who were injured heavily. Condolences to families who lost their loved ones.

  8. I drove there I didnt particularly care for the Ftworth Dallas metroplex.Its obvious hazard is the freezing temps .elevated track freezes way faster.So there it is damp slick frozen dew and light fog …always a danger…sorry and my condolences to the many dead and crushed

  9. Fellow texans let's file a law suit against the electric company
    We pay for the electricity bill
    People probably will and have died because of this weather
    Stand together

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  11. This is why I hate truckers. Doesn’t matter the conditions, doesn’t matter what’s happening up ahead, they’ve got a schedule to make and, damn it, they’ll go through you if they have to.

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